Well, Now You Have Our Attention: Christopher Walken to Play Zeus

old gods do new jobs
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We’d sort of vaguely heard of Gods Behaving Badly but not with enough context to actually form an opinion about it, but it turns out its a Fables/Fruits Basket sort of story with just a dash of American Gods‘ theme of washed up deities: The ancient Greek gods are alive and managing in a New York city brownstone, much to the surprise of their neighbors, a young couple who are probably going to be metaphors for Orpheus and Eurydice. Cute enough novel idea, sure, let them make it into a movie, whatever.

But then the actual casting of the thing was brought to our attention.

The gods are: Aphrodite — Sharon Stone,

Okay, sure.

Apollo — Oliver Platt,

Shlubby Apollo, that’s a new interpretation, I suppose,

Artemis — Edie Falco, Demeter — Phylicia Rashad,

Nurse Jackie as Artemis and Mrs. Huxtable as Demeter? Yes. Yes I will watch that —

Dionysus — Nelsan Ellis, Eros — Gideon Glick, Hades — John Turturro

Oh man, that’s a great role for hi–

Hermes — Henry Zebrowski, Persephone — Rosie Perez and Zeus — Christopher Walken.

Aaaand we’re done. Christopher Walken as the patriarch of an incestuous, petty brood played by some of the best character actors in the business? That’s worth paying attention to.

(Movieline via AfterElton.)

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