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Seriously, Do Not Drink “Raw Water”

A new trend sweeping up Silicon Valley is "raw water", or "unfiltered, untreated, unsterilized spring water" that will definitely make you sick.

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Soon You Could Be Reading by Glowing Plant Light

MIT engineers have created a wondrous thing: they successfully embedded nanoparticles of luciferase—the enzyme that makes fireflies light up—into the leaves of a common watercress plant, thereby inventing the coolest way to read in the universe.

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CDC Reportedly Banned from Using the Words “Science-Based,” “Diversity,” “Fetus,” and “Transgender”

The Washington Post reports that analysts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were recently handed a list of "forbidden" words, including "diversity," "transgender," "fetus," and "evidence-based."

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Unconscious Bias Kills: Black Women Are 3 Times As Likely as White Women to Die in Pregnancy and Childbirth

ProPublica and NPR recently published a damning look at the American healthcare system, writing that "black mothers in the U.S. die at three to four times the rate of white mothers, one of the widest of all racial disparities in women’s health."

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The IUD May Help Reduce Risk of Cervical Cancer

For many years the IUD has been a very scary thing. A lot of people are uncomfortable with the idea of having birth control that goes inside of their bodies. IUDs are certainly not for everyone, but with a new study discussing how IUDs might help prevent high-risk HPV (this is different from low-risk genital wart HPV) that causes cervical cancer, I thought it best to revisit the IUD from someone who has one.

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Study Finds “Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated” Signs Very Accurate

They're all good dogs. People? Not so much.

A new study deals a crushing blow to humans' place in the world, and honestly, we kind of had it coming. Have you seen what humans have been up to lately? As it turns out, all those "jokes" about people preferring their furry family members to actual humans are pretty serious: researchers found that human beings have more sympathy for dogs than for other people.

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Tonight Is International Observe the Moon Night!

October 28 is International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN), described as "an annual worldwide public event that encourages observation, appreciation, and understanding of our Moon."

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New Mexico Tried to Water Down Its Science Standards, but Parents and Teachers Fought Back

When the New Mexico Public Education Department edited the age of the Earth out of their science standards and replaced the rise in global temperatures with a "fluctuation," the people of New Mexico stood up for science.

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It’s Only a Matter of Time: Time Travel in Fiction and Real Life

Time travel is more than just a far-fetched possibility—it's already a reality, in real life and in fiction.

Science fiction books, movies, and television shows get a lot of mileage out of driving their characters through space and time. In some cases, the hero manages to travel through both with the benefit of a Time and Relative Dimensions in Space (TARDIS) machine. You probably know that space travel is already a reality. But did you also know time travel is possible?

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Did Researchers Really Try and Say Urination Games Are the Reason Boys Score Higher in Physics?


Zooming into the notable gender gap in answering projectile questions specifically, the theory questions whether that might be because of participation in ball sports or.....peeing. 

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Science Confirms What the Vikings Repeatedly Told Us: Women Were Warriors, Too

DNA research on a warrior grave in Sweden seems to confirm what the stories in Viking sagas would suggest: women, too, could serve as high-status warriors in Viking society.

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Here’s How the Department of Energy Is Censoring Science That Doesn’t Support Its Message

Fears about what will become of scientific investigation under the Trump administration is nothing new, but a report from the Department of Energy yesterday seemingly confirmed our fears, followed by some full-blown climate change censorship.

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Get a Animated Sneak Peek at What the Eclipse Will Look Like From Your Zip Code

TIME's neat feature lets you see what the Solar eclipse will look like from different zip codes around the United States.

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NASA Is Hiring a “Planetary Protection Officer.” Please Line Up in an Orderly Fashion.

So is the application process a Last Starfighter situation or ... ?

You know the kind of sci-fi movie where you're staring at the screen in disbelief not because of the amazement of how far special effects have come, but because some bonehead is getting a little too comfortable with a seemingly harmless specimen from an alien world, and you just know it's about to sprout some gnarly teeth and gnaw some faces off? Yeah, NASA's seen those, too, which is why they have a "planetary protection officer" job opening.

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Trillion Ton Iceberg Breaks Off of Antarctic Shelf, Prompting (Even More) Discussion About Climate Change

A massive chunk of ice just broke off of one of the largest ice shelves in Antarctica. The chunk is roughly the size of Delaware (or twice the size of Luxembourg), and weighs about a trillion tons.

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Stephen Hawking Warns of “Irreversible” Climate Damage After Trump Pulls out of the Paris Agreement

It was pretty easy to see that pulling out of the Paris Agreement on climate change was a boneheaded move when the only other nations not involved were out for unrelated reasons or because they didn't think it was strict enough. But Trump's promises being bad ideas has never stopped him from keeping them before, and he pulled the U.S. out of the agreement to the dismay of people around the world—including Stephen Hawking.

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So You Think You Can Live on Mars? Prepare to Have Your Fantasies Shattered

"Oh, so you think space is pretty? Are you willing to remove your appendix and gallbladder for it? To just go temporarily blind because of your body fluids moving during weightlessness?"

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Body Vibes Sorry for Fake NASA Claims, Not Sorry for Bogus Healing Stickers in General

Stickers, heal thyselves.

Some people at NASA got wind of a company selling magical healing stickers—sorry, "smart stickers" that are "programmed" to promote healing but are actually just stickers and not magic or programmed at all—and they were less than impressed by claims that related to the space agency. The company has now apologized for that bit of fakery, but not the rest of it.

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Forensic Dogs Might Be the Key to Finding Amelia Earhart’s Remains

A new expedition organized by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) will fly to Nikumaroro with four forensic border collies on June 24th.

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An Animated Lesson on the Genius of Marie Skłodowska Curie

In a new TED-Ed animated lesson, Shohini Ghose takes us through Marie Skłodowska Curie’s great achievements and the impact of her revolutionary discoveries.

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