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Buffy Summers Herself Shares a Throwback With Everyone’s Favorite Mandalorian

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Geller) talking to Eddie (Pedro Pascal) in school

Super fans of Pedro Pascal know what episodes of television we need to watch to see him pop up. Not just things like The Mandalorian or Game of Thrones or even The Last of Us. We know he’s in those, he’s the star of them. I’m talking about the guest roles or the side characters that you probably watched as they aired not knowing that one day, you’d dedicate your time and energy to his career. Things like NYPD Blue and multiple episodes of Law & Order.

But the one that fans have loved to pull out of their back pocket (myself included) has been that Pedro Pascal played a character named Eddie in an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer titled “The Freshman.” His time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was short-lived as Eddie gets turned into a vampire and his journey with Buffy is contained to just this one episode. But still, the knowledge that Pedro Pascal was on set with the internet’s “mother” Sarah Michelle Gellar is great.

Gellar used everyone’s new obsession with our “father” Pedro Pascal to her advantage. Writing “When #Mother met #Father” and shared a picture of Buffy and Eddie walking together on campus.

Because of our love for both Gellar and Pascal, things like this are exciting! And yes, sure, now all of our fun facts are public knowledge (how many of us loved to bring this up when talking about Pascal?) but seeing the love spread for his career is genuinely amazing.

Pedro Pascal loved it

The post went viral for fans but it seems as if Pedro Pascal wasn’t aware of it. When he went to the premiere of The Mandalorian season 3 in Los Angeles, Ash Crossan from Entertainment Tonight brought the post up to ask a question about his guest starring roles but Pascal was too obsessed with the fact that Gellar posted about him.

Whenever their conversation veered in a different direction, he’d go back to talking about the post and asking questions so Crossan pulled it up for him. And you can see how genuinely happy he was. He went on to talk about working with Gellar and how nice she was to him on set.


Our Pedro Pascal interview turned into him stanning Sarah Michelle Gellar and I’m not mad about it. ? #pedropascal #thelastofus #themandalorian

♬ original sound – Entertainment Tonight

On the one hand, we love things like this because these are two actors that fans appreciate for what their work means. But we also just love seeing how happy it made Pascal to know that Gellar shared the image at all. He just kept asking about it and it was so cute.

As someone who has loved Pascal’s work for quite some time now, seeing him shine and gain acclaim from new fans and critics alike is incredible! And it’s also wonderful to see those who worked with him back before he was the Mandalorian and Joel Miller. Pascal deserves all the love and praise and this is one of the most wholesome reactions I’ve seen from a celebrity.

(Featured image: The WB)

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