Above Average Asks the Important Questions, Like “Is That Danny Aiello?” in Episode One of Approach the Bench

When Judge Bob Balaban asks you to approach the bench, you listen—especially if he thinks he’s spotted someone famous in the jury. That’s what this new series from Above Average shows with scripts taken verbatim from hilarious, real court transcripts (at least, according to the video descriptions).

If they’re not pulling our collective leg and these are actually real court transcripts, this is the real life version of the Seinfeld where Kramer thinks he sees Joe DiMaggio in a donut shop.

Go ahead and check out the brief trailer for the other upcoming Approach the Bench episodes. Unfortunately, we may never get closure on whether or not that’s really Danny Aiello, but at least IMDB can settle all of your questions about what movies he may or may not have been in.

(Above Average via YouTube)

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