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Anti-LGBTQ Bigots Tried To Co-Opt a Badass Pride Image & It Didn’t Go Well for Them

I love when people fail miserably.

A close up of Satan from South Park

Conservatives have been on a bit of a war path more than usual when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. While it may have started with trying to take trans people’s rights away and trashing beer they already owned because the company dared to have one partnership with a trans influencer, it was inevitable that they were going to step up their hatred going onto June, a.k.a. Pride Month.

Now, this isn’t the first time conservatives have kicked up a fuss concerning Pride Month. Every June, we’re forced to listen to them complain and moan about how there’s “no straight pride month” and “why can we have straight pride?” as they fail to recognize that literally every day is Straight Pride Day. But, much like a bratty child who needs to be included in blowing out the candles of another child’s birthday cake, we put up with their nonsense until they tire themselves out.

However, this year, it seems like more and more right-wingers are becoming way more emboldened to really take their bigotry up a notch. While we had to deal with the Bud Light “boycott” back in April, conservatives have now set their sights on Target because they dared to sell rainbow-themed clothing. It’s honestly exhausting to keep up with all of the brands they’re mad at, but at least, up until now, their anger has been a little original. But now it seems like some conservatives need to steal from queer people in order to “own” them in the marketplace of ideas.

Right-wingers steal queer art to insult LGBTQ community LOL

Failed 2020 GOP Senate nominee, and producer of an embarrassing anti-vaccine “documentary”, Lauren Wiztke tweeted a photo this week in which the phrase “Pride Month” slowly transformed into the word “Demon” in rainbow letters. It seems like she was implying that Pride Month, and LGBTQ+ people in general, are demons who are trying to corrupt the world—right in line with things right-wing politicians have actually said.

In a followup tweet, Wiztke kept up her super cool and normal messaging, writing, “Christians are DONE taking crap from the LGBTQ Mafia. We’re cancelling Pride Month, pouring out your Bud Light, shutting down your Targets, and we’re taking back the rainbow. We will also stand up for our right to criticize your depravity in court. No more cowarding, no more pandering.”

However, it turns out that Wiztke wasn’t even clever enough to come up with the image herself, as it was stolen from a trans queer artist named Veya. Veya originally created the art in April 2022, and it’s available to purchase on a T-shirt through their Red Bubble storefront.

It’s absolutely hilarious that a bigot tried to insult the queer community using their own art. It’s just another L conservatives have to swallow because they absolutely suck at being creative, even when it comes to insulting people they hate.

But, regardless of the art being made by a queer artist, members of the LGBTQ+ community loved the photo because it’s honestly kinda badass. I mean, in trying to make queer people look like monsters, Wiztke and her little cronies only made us way cooler. Below are some of the best responses to the photo from other queer people:

While conservatives are sure to go even more feral as we go through June, and not all of their bigotry will be as unintentionally hilarious as this, just remember to stay safe if you participate in any Pride Month events. And, of course, support your local queer demons!

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