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Animator Reimagines ‘Abbott Elementary’ Intro With Adorable Retro Style

The cast of Abbott Elementary walk down a school hallway

Just when you thought Abbott Elementary couldn’t tug at your heartstrings more, one talented artist reimagined the intro to the show in the most cute way imaginable.

The original intro to the show is a quick, 12-second montage of kids going into Willard R. Abbott Elementary as the bell rings. It’s a pretty standard intro for most network TV sitcoms as it’s short and to the point. You can check it out below:

Gyimah Gariba, the creator of the CBC/Nickelodeon UK show Big Blue, posted a video to Twitter imagining what the intro to Abbott Elementary would look like if it was an animated series. His version of the intro is longer and pans through the classrooms/offices of the show’s core cast. And his use of the shaky camera even keeps the multi-camera mockumentary style that the show is known for.

Gariba does an excellent job highlighting some of the best traits found in Abbott’s characters as Gregory is watering his garden, Melissa is playing poker with a student, Ava is getting her portrait painted by a student who should definitely be in class, and Mr. Johnson is strolling down the hallway just vibing. It’s a beautiful tapestry of the best part of their personalities and the fact that the characters are animated so well is just the icing on the cake.

The labor of love from Gariba just shows how much of an impact this show has had on its audience since its debut in 2021. Abbott Elementary has been a smash hit winning several Emmy awards and launching its cast into superstardom. Abbott fans were quick to show Gariba some love and praise for his creative intro.

We can only hope that maybe, just maybe, someone from Abbott Elementary saw this incredible video and will make our dreams of an animated episode come true in Season 3!

(featured image: ABC)

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