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Meet the Supporting Characters of Marvel’s Agent Carter

Set lipstick to red.

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Everything’s coming up Marvel! Thor’s a woman. The Falcon is Captain America. Lucy Lawless is joining Agents of SHIELD (cue flailing). And now, with mere days to go before whatever SDCC craziness they’re cooking up lands on the blogosphere, we have some new info on the non-Peggy Carter Agent Carter characters.

Disclaimer: These character descriptions first popped up on Film Divider, which doesn’t say where they got them. So grain of salt, yada yada. And here we go:

Deputy Director Roger Hooley is a hardworking, principled older man and Peggy’s boss. As you might expect, he’s bothered by ongoing problems in his personal life as well as the challenges of his day job.

Agent Jack Thompson is in his 30s, handsome and damn well knows it. The polar opposite of Dooley, he doesn’t take kindly to women in the workplace, nor how little recognition he gets. Worse, he wants Dooley’s job and is desperate to prove himself.

Edward Hutchins is a highly professional agent with an unusual problem; duplicity. He’s lying to his wife about what he does to stop her worrying. True Lies, SHIELD style.

Daniel Sousa is everything Jack Thompson wants to be. He’s a war hero who walks using a leg brace, but finds dealing with office politics to be harder than working around his injury. Sousa is also a fiercely honourable, gentle man and we’re betting he becomes one of Peggy’s major allies.

And outside of the agency, there’s Angie Martinelli. Working as an automat waitress [WTF’s an automat? This], Angie dreams of being a singer. She’s a tough, compassionate young woman who is smart and loyal and seems set to be Peggy’s anchor to the world away from SHIELD.

Assuming these character descriptions are accurate—and they seem legit to me–we’ll be seeing this bunch of ur-SHIELD agents, plus BFF Angie, when Agent Carter airs during the Agents of SHIELD mid-season hiatus.

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