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NYCC 2015: “Pushing Boundaries Forward: Diversity and Representation in Comics” Panel

New York Comic Con's "Pushing Boundaries Forward" panel did a fantastic job at educating newcomers about "boundary-pushing" within the comics space and the history of marginalized creators in the industry, while also touching on more nuanced critiques for the folks in the audience who have been to a lot of panels about this topic before.

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Marvel Comics Wants Diversity, But Not in Terms of Hercules and His Bisexuality

Sure, he can be gay ... in the alt universe.

"All-New, All-Different"? More like Same-Old, Same-Old.

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Top Cow Productions Promotes Bryan Hill and Betsy Gonia; Highlights Importance of Diversity in the Comics Industry

It's not only about diverse characters, but diversity amongst the people who create them.

We talk a lot about diversity in comics when it comes to characters and representation. However, equally important is diversity behind the panels. Thankfully, there are comics publishers who are making diversity in the industry a priority! Top Cow recently announced two promotions that make it clear that they take this mission seriously.

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Special Edition: NYC Helping to Spotlight #BlackComicsMonth and Creator Diversity!

Plus, FREE COMICS! Huzzah!

We were already plenty excited about Special Edition: NYC this weekend! In addition to hosting panels of our own and flailing over some of our favorite creators, there's another awesome panel we want to spotlight!

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Character and Creator Diversity in Comics: What Cash & Carrie Brings to the Table

[Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog from creator Shawn Pryor to promote his new Kickstarter project, Cash & Carrie.] Character and creator diversity in comics is not a difficult thing to do, yet I’ve seen major publishers make promises of diversity and progression for people of color and minorities with limited and minimal […]

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DC Tries Make Us Believe It Cares About Expanding Diversity in Comics With New DCYou Campaign

DC Comics is trying to get in good with the current push towards diversity in comics—not, you know, by actually expanding diversity in their comics, but by running an ad campaign called DCYou that talks a big game about diverse stories in comics.

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The Nightly Show Aired A Beautiful Take-Down Of Trolls Who Can’t Stand Diversity In Comics

Hip-hop artist Jean Grae, comedian Mike Lawrence, Angela: Asgard's Assassin artist Phil Jimenez, and Marvel’s director of content and character development Sana Amanat showed up on Comedy Central's The Nightly Show to talk about the pushback against comics' move toward inclusivity and racial and gender diversity.

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Gene Luen Yang’s Epic Speech on Dwayne McDuffie, Black Panther, and Diversity in Comics

Required reading.

"Apologize if necessary, resolve to do better, and move on."

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One More Place Where NYCC Showed The Real Diversity of the Comics Audience: Speed Dating

Audience Participation

Please accept this picture of the Flash representing the swiftness of speed dating, as I was unable to find anything more relevant. On to the story! Speed Dating has only recently become an event that one might associate with cons, only within the past few years, actually, have we at The Mary Sue even been hearing about it. We're not sure if Lightning Fast Speed Dating started the trend, but they say they've been at it for two years now, and it continues to be a huge success at every con they bring it to. At this year's NYCC, they planned on running five free sessions for the 100,000 attendees, and had to add a secret sixth one for everyone who was turned away from the other five. But what's most interesting about the demographics that they observe isn't the obvious fact that geeks and nerds are looking for love just as much as other people. There's more than that.

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Did NYCC Prove The Need For Diversity In Comics?

This Makes Sense

The New 52 has been a success at getting outliers interested in comics again. But looking around the Javits, at the ocean of non-white faces, and of female faces, it became VERY clear to me that all the angry blog posts begging for more diversity in the comics isn’t just a few loudmouths—even though they are treated as such by the big companies. It’s the reality of the world. Reaching this audience through inclusion might just be the most important goal for the mainstream comics industry’s continued survival. - Heidi MacDonald writing her New York Comic Con wrap-up for The Beat. It's just a little maddening having been one of those "loudmouths" myself to see this particular aspect of conventions, and in turn comics, so obviously noticed by what seems like everyone but those like DC Comics who really need to experience it. Not having attended any of the DC panels at NYCC (a first for me), I can't say whether or not the demographics were represented the same way there but the point is - if they are at a convention they are potential readers/new readers. Wouldn't it make sense to provide something they can see themselves in? (via The Beat)

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Things We Saw Today: The List of 2017’s Best-Selling Graphic Novels Proves What We Already Knew: Diversity Sells

The list of top-selling comics tells us what we've been insisting for just about forever: diversity sells, both when it comes to characters and the real-life teams behind them. Publishing books from creators of color or ones that feature female leads is not a charity. These books make money. A lot of it.

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A NYCC Marvel Retailer Event Turned Ugly, With Complaints About “Freaking Females” and Diversity

At a retailers' breakfast happening adjacent to NYCC, comic retailers had a panel of Marvel editors, writers, and staff on hand to answer their questions. But a normally tame event erupted into bickering and boos, because our never-ending culture wars always seem to find a fresh battlefield.

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A Marvel Comics Editor Is Being Harassed Because She Posted a Selfie With Her Coworkers

Comics has a sexism problem

Marvel editor Heather Antos is being harassed because she posted a selfie of her friends and coworkers getting milkshakes. Comics continues to have a serious, serious sexism problem.

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It Wasn’t Diversity That Killed Comic Sales, It Was These Archaic Publishing Methods

I want to read more comic books. I want to be a regular reader of a series and follow a character through a larger arc, then be intrigued by another character and go down the rabbit hole of their story. But the way that comics are released just doesn’t work for me anymore.

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The Nominees for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids’ Comics Are Almost All White

The nominees for the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Kids' Comics - named after the black writer, editor and publisher who created Static Shock - are almost all white. Seriously, comics?

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Marvel VP Said Sales Slumped Because “People Didn’t Want Any More Diversity”

"They didn't want female characters out there."

In an interview at the Marvel Retailers Summit, Marvel's Senior VP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel said, "What we heard was that people didn't want any more diversity. They didn't want female characters out there. That's what we heard, whether we believe that or not."

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The Crew Is Coming Back to Marvel Thanks to Ta-Nehisi Coates, Giving Black Superheroes More Comics Real Estate

Because today's world needs heroes like Misty Knight.

The world of Black Panther just keeps getting bigger! First, we had Ta-Nehisi Coates' critically-acclaimed run on the Black Panther solo title. Then, he broadened the world to ensure the inclusion of female voices and has partnered with Roxanne Gay and Yona Harvey to create Black Panther: World of Wakanda. Now, he's ushering in the return of Marvel's The Crew, returning a team of black superheroes to the spotlight.

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2016 Representation Scorecard: How the Year’s Movies, TV, Games, Comics, and More Stacked Up

Yeah, we're keeping score.

In looking back on 2016, it's tempting to just write off the entire year as a loss. But, actually, this year brought us some very interesting pieces of media--and some compelling discussions about that media.

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Best of 2016 Last-Minute Comics Gift Guide for Friends Who Need a Little Help Finding Their New Favorites

Slim and Lou, the comiXologist podcast crew, are here digging into our libraries to recommend some of our favorite comics of the year, but this isn’t just any 2016 year-end list. This list doubles as your quick and easy last-minute gift guide for your friends who need a little help finding their new favs. Maybe your friend is just getting into comics; maybe they’re an old pro, but don’t worry because we’ve got something for everyone—including yourself!

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Interview: Sophie Campbell Talks Wet Moon Vol. 3 On ComiXology and the Awesome Possibilities in Digital Comics

Sophie Campbell is one of the best artists on the planet. Yeah, I said it. From her creator-owned titles like the now-classic Wet Moon, to her work on established properties like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jem and the Holograms, Campbell is basically the patron saint of the misfits and weirdos (and teenage mutant turtles), and the third volume of her Wet Moon series arrives on ComiXology this month!

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