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Obama Hung With Supergirl Scouts at This Year’s White House Science Fair

Everything's coming up Supergirl.

Look at that tiny Supergirl's face, America! We can never do anything to disappoint her, ever!

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Obama Broke Presidential Decree, Wore a Tiara to Hang With Girl Scouts at White House Science Fair

Happy is the head that wears the crown.

This year's Fair placed a particular emphasis on women in STEM, so it's gratifying to imagine what an inspiring experience attending must have been for members of the Troop, and exciting that Obama (who showed his support of girls in science at a Marine Corps event earlier this month) agreed to pose for the picture--especially since he's refused similar requests in the past.

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14-Year-Old Battles Trolls and Cyberbullies With Brilliantly Simple Google Science Fair Project

Do you want to post that post? Right, but seriously, you're going to post that?

People can easily forget that everyone online is a person, and often that means they don't think twice before posting something insulting or hurtful about someone. 14-year-old Trisha Prabhu decided to fix that with software that makes people give a second thought to what they're posting online, and it's working.

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Sixth Grade Girl’s Viral Science Fair Project May Have Plagiarized Previous Research

I knew that baking soda volcano was too good to be true!

Today in "tricky but nonetheless important news," the media might have been a little hasty in lauding the discoveries of sixth-grader Lauren Arrington. The 12-year-old's science fair project went viral for its discovery that invasive lionfish are capable of traveling into estuaries, but an adult biologist is reluctantly coming forward to say that information isn't new--in fact, he discovered it himself four years ago.

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These “Science Riot Grrls” Just Won The Science Fair Of My Heart [Video]

she blinded me with science

Few things make me happier than seeing little humans grinning over science projects. Here's the origin story: The young singer in this video came home from science class feeling stoked about the cool experiments she got to do (I know that feel, kid). She and her classmates had been singing a song about being "extraordinary." Her dad helped her write the rest. And thus, Science Riot Grrls was born.

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[Watch Live] White House Science Fair 2014, President Obama Greets the Participants

Nice to see the government taking an interest in science.

Today is the White House Science Fair where some of the nation's brightest young scientists are showing off their experiments for the President and the press.

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Things We Saw Today: Everyone Hates The Science Fair

Things We Saw Today

Aw, but I love the science fair! I guess I'm a statistical outlier. I mean, you can't argue with that graph. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Google Science Fair 2013 Finalists Announced, Make Us Feel Tragically Unaccomplished

Prepare to also feel incredibly old.

First started in 2011, the Google Science Fair seeks to encourage young students around the world by offering them the opportunity to develop science projects and share their findings online. Today they announced this year's finalists, whose ideas are more than a little impressive. Remember: These kids are all in middle and high school. When I was in high school, my biggest accomplishment was being the drum major of the marching band. They're already so much cooler than I'm ever going to be.

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Hello Kitty in Space Won Not Only Our Hearts, But Also the Science Fair

It Came From Outer Space

Remember Lauren Rojas, the 13-year-old budding scientist who launched a Hello Kitty doll into space to test “the effects of altitude on air pressure and temperature”? The judges at her school's science fair liked her project as much as the Internet did: She was named one of the four top award winners at Cornerstone Christian School’s seventh-grade science fair and will go on to compete at regionals. Godspeed, Lauren. (via: Gizmodiva) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Hey, Teenagers: Do Science, Win Prizes! Google Science Fair Now Taking Subsmissions

If you're a student between the ages of 13 and 18 with an interest in science, then grab your lab coat and get to work. Google is taking submissions for their third annual Google Science Fair as of today. They've partnered up with CERN, LEGO, National Geographic, and Scientific American to offer some truly amazing prizes that include scholarships, an expedition to the Galapagos, and a week shadowing a particle physicist at Fermilab.

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Google Science Fair Winner Brittany Wenger Made a Neural Network That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

This Exists... Because of A Lady

Looking back on high school, I'm often surprised that I graduated with even a modicum of science literacy -- let's just say that my projects usually seemed a bit rushed, which is to say they were entirely completed the night before the due date. But for the teens who competed in this year's Google Science Fair, an annual competition that invites teenagers from around the world to digitally submit their science projects, I think it's safe to say that science is a blessing and an opportunity, and not a curse. Among this year's amazing contestants, grand prize winner Brittany Wenger, a 17-year-old girl from Florida, seems to be stealing the show -- and with her amazing project, a neural network that can diagnose breast cancer with 99.11% accuracy, can you really blame her?

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Cancer, Asthma, Chicken: All Three Women Winners of Google’s Science Fair Explain Their Projects

she blinded me with science

In July, we brought you the story of Google's first annual science fair, and how the winner in each age bracket (13-14, 15-16, 17-18) turned out to be a young lady, namely Lauren HodgeNaomi Shah, and Shree Bose. Lauren and Naomi were awarded $25,000 each in scholarship money and internships at Google and LEGO, while Shree received a $50k college scholarship, an internship at CERN and a trip to the Galapagos with National Geographic. But what was their research about? Well, the title of this post is a hint, but you can hear them say it in their own words, in their own TED Talk below:

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The Winners of the Inaugural Google Science Fair Are All Awesome Young Women


On July 11th, the top fifteen contestants of the first annual Google Science Fair all gathered at Google's headquarters to compete. In all three age categories, it was intelligent young women who took home the top prizes. Lauren Hodge (Age group 13-14), Naomi Shah (Age group 15-16), and Shree Bose (Age group 17-18) all took home trophies for their entries, and Bose's was for a breakthrough in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

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New Black Panther Trailer Features New Footage, Hints at What Wakanda Is Hiding

Marvel is still riding high on the freshness of Thor: Ragnarok, and we may all be distracted by a certain other big name movie coming out this week, but let's not forget that Black Panther is still on the way on February 16, and it still looks amazing. This new trailer, from Japan, follows the template of the last one but swaps in some impressive new footage. Take a look inside.

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Fans Think Netflix Is Taunting About More Gilmore Girls, but … Do We Really Want That?


It feels rather strange that the Gilmore Girls revival we were all so looking forward to has now come and gone, and we all finally know the ending that Amy Sherman-Palladino originally had in mind for the series before the final season went on without her. Now that we know that ending, Netflix is taunting us with more questions. But why? (Spoilers.)

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Can You Survive the Office Culture? Analyzing the Pros and Cons of 6 Fictional Companies from Sci-Fi

As many science fiction fans do, I often imagine how well I would fare in the future. These hypotheticals usually focus on post-apocalyptic scenarios in which the common lifestyle is crossbowing aliens and outrunning nuclear explosions. But I’d like to imagine another scenario with you: How would you fare as a pencil-pusher in corporate dystopia?

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Holy Cow, Watch President Obama Talk About Science With Supergirl 6-Year-Olds

Little girls slayin'

Please join with me in the joy that is this video. Just look at all those six-year-old girls in superhero capes at the White House science fare, half-ignoring the president as they talk tech.

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13-Year-Old Who Built Braille Printer Using LEGO Hopes to Have His Invention on the Market Later this Year

Everything is awesome!

13-year-old Shubham Banerjee might not be able to run his company full-time yet (Banerjee's mother has taken on CEO duties for his startup), but he's already invented a product that could have a huge impact on the lives of the blind.

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Man’s Advice to Women in STEM: “Don’t Be a Brogrammer,” Woman’s Advice: Make Programs Accessible to Girls

Fortune recently posted a piece by Michael Choi, CEO of Coding Dojo, titled "How women can break into tech: Don’t be a brogrammer and 6 other tips." The Huffington Post posted a different piece by Linda Kekelis, CEO/Executive Director at Techbridge, titled "Want to Change the Face of Technology? Look to Our Girls." Let's discuss, shall we?

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Study Reveals Male Internet Commenters Don’t Believe Evidence of Sexism in Science, Also Water Is Wet

Misandry, however...

Writing for the Internet is a lot like shouting into a garbage pit of despair, especially when readers' privilege prevents them from acknowledging important issues despite the facts.

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