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Zoe Saldana is in Talks to Play Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy

Zoe Saldana, of the Star Trek and Avatar soon-to-be-franchises, is looking to make a geeky hat trick by slotting a third major scifi series into her… bandolier? I guess? This mixed metaphor got away from me. What I’m trying to say is that according to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress is in talks to play the female lead in Guardians of the Galaxy, which, incidentally, would make her the first woman of color to play a major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Saldana and Marvel manage to work out an agreement, and I would be head over heels excited if they do, she’d come onto the project for the role of Gamora, an alien woman and the last of her race, raised by the Mad Titan Thanos as his deadliest assassin and adopted daughter, known as “the deadliest woman in the galaxy.” In comics, the character eventually realigns herself with the Guardians of the Galaxy (who generally find themselves at odds with the fickle Thanos). Gamora is basically humanoid (with one of those costumes that will have to be seriously reconsidered before it debuts on the big screen) but with green skin, the cynically obvious role to court an actress of color for if you’re trying to inject some racial diversity into an adaptation of a medium without a lot of racial diversity. I’m not here to (so to speak) look a gift horse in the mouth, but I feel it bears pointing out. I’m actually glad Marvel is taking the obvious opportunity for racial diversity here, especially since they declined to take the obvious step towards better gender diversity for their universe in Guardians by including only one of the team’s long running female members instead of two. Production on the movie is set to start in June, with a release late next summer, so hopefully we’ll see an official announcement about Saldana’s involvement in the next few weeks. (via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • James Gardiner

    Seems like a good casting. Star Trek and Avatar proved she had the skill & willingness to work within “out there” sci-fi.
    I do wonder how they’ll design her costume in the movie, since her comic appearance is, well, as cheesecake fanservice as they come. Marvel Studios has done a good job of transitioning the costume designs of the comics to film accurately (Hawkeye’s new bland getup being the exception), but this one seems unlikely to come over unchanged.

  • Anonymous

    Good casting choice if true. Also, agreed on the diversity point, especially since it doesn’t look like they’re including Mantis.
    I’ve seen some people criticize her for not looking “intimidating” but I’m not seeing it. I’m sure she’ll enter training before the movie comes out, and there’s a lot you can do with CGI and make-up anyway.

  • Anonymous

    In regards to the costume: I think it is quite reasonable that the costume Gamora wears in the current GotG comic will be the basis for the movie.

    Aside from the boob plate, it ain’t bad.

  • Anonymous

    The artist behind the current book said he was talking with the production team for the movie. So yeah, I’d hope they gave her a look similar to her current armor rather than a thong.

  • John Wao

    Awesome. And they could easily dispense with the green skin color in my opinion.

  • Isen

    Thats one of the dumbest things I heard in a while. Not intimidating enough?
    Sorry, but if I look at a picture of Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris or Will Smith, I see just some average, nice-looking dudes, and sure not the badass mofos they play in some movies.

    It’s the act that’s intimidating, not the face.

  • Leah Starkweather

    The Marvel Now redesigns of GotG are horrible. Bendis turned a team with a cool old-school pulp aesthetic into a bunch of bland Mass Effect ripoffs. Especially Gamora. Her hood and cloak gave her an air of mystery, and overall she’s like red Sonja in space.
    I mean I like Mass Effect, but the Guardians are not Shepard’s squadmates.
    The new Gamora looks like Ashley Williams painted green.

    And Star-Lord had all of his iconic features stripped from him, including his glorious helmet. Anyone who thinks these designs have any redeeming value is objectively wrong.


  • Anonymous

    I don’t really mind. I like it. *Shrugs*

  • Alissa Knyazeva

    There is concept art floating around that Marvel showed off during their announcement of GotG movie, I assume they’ll be using those designs instead. She has a cloak in that one, but with much more reasonable and “assassin-like” outfit/armor.

    Regardless, yeah, no. New GotG comic outfit is still better than Borat’s sexy mankini.

  • Anonymous

    Neither is as cool or as alienesque as her original green fishnet bodysuit with furry cape & gold accents.

  • Genovesa Jervvis258

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  • Mandy

    This movie just got bumped up my radar. I don’t really know much or care about this team/movie but man do I enjoy watching Zoe Saldana play kick ass lady characters. I would definitely love to see her added to the Marvel movieverse.