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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Mutatis Mutandis

Vote For a Massive Xavier’s School Lego Set on Cuusoo to Get Your Fill of Teeny X-Men

DarthKy and Glenbricker have this simply massive, wonderfully detailed lego set based on Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Children up for vote on Cuusoo, Lego’s crowdsourcing site for new kits. So give it a vote, and maybe you’ll be able to buy this lots-of-assembly-needed nerd dollhouse in a store sometime soon.

(via Superpunch.)

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  • Anonymous

    Where is Cerebro!!?

  • Guymelef

    Wow. That is freaking awesome.

  • Important Film Maker

    I love the amount of detail put into this set, but hate that they felt the need to cover the floors in those smooth tile bricks. What’s the point if the Lego people can’t stick to their floors?

  • Laralock

    OMG! Jubilee! <3 I need this!

  • Anonymous

    And the hangar with the Blackbird.

  • Anonymous

    It is weird to me that the X-Men have been such a cashcow and right now there’s really not a lot of merchandise or Lego stuff. In fact I think there’s Wolverine and Deadpool Legos but that’s it.

    Maybe it has to do with Marvel not wanting to promote a franchise owned by a rival studio?

  • Anonymous

    I’d settle for Jubilee :)
    (and lego Lockheed…)

  • Laura Truxillo

    *tiny sounds of desperate wanting*

  • Anonymous

    I think Cerebro is supposed to be in the room to the right of the Danger Room with Rachel in it.

  • Diaspora

    Awww, I hoped there’d be a tiny Lego Gambit like, hanging out on the roof but no such luck….

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s also the reason the X-comics got screwed over by M-Day so the Avengers comics would look more awesome by comparison.

  • Anonymous

    I would buy this entire set for a Broo Lego figure. The rest would just be gravy.

  • Anonymous

    They also have a cool Wayne Manor set: