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My Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Bryan Singer’s Promises for an “Epic” Days of Future Past Have Me a Little Worried. Plus, When Will This Movie Be Set Again?

Not that I’m against epic movies. I love epic movies. But it’s some of the other stuff he said.

Oh, and regarding the movie’s rumored setting: Guess.

Said director Bryan Singer in a recent interview with Empire magazine, “It’s epic. I don’t think people realise how big this movie’s going to be,

“We get to bring both casts back together… I’m taking into account every movie – I’m not just grabbing my first two movies and First Class and smashing them together. I’m taking into account the entire universe as it’s been laid out so far on the screen, and really respecting it and trying to work with that. People took things in various directions, so there’s some clean-up. But ultimately I’m not just ignoring them either.”

That sounds all well and good in theory, but… does anyone else detect the seeds of a Spider-Man 3-level omnishambles of a movie? So far we have confirmed James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Hugh Jackman, and Shawn Ashmore. Even if half of those are just cameos, that’s one overstuffed movie, and we’ve written before about how cramming in ALLLL THE CHARACTERS isn’t a good thing for the X-Franchise.

Singer also noted that he’s working seriously to create a universe that isn’t one giant, time travel-addled mess:

“We’ve cracked it in a way that it makes sense. I had a two-hour conversation with James Cameron about time travel, string theory, multiverses and all that. You have to create your rules and stick with them. That’s why Terminator and Back To The Future work so well. And there are certain mechanisms in X-Men, certain powers, perceptions and characters, that make this possible.”

Terminator and Back to the Future didn’t have a bajillion characters and an already super-complicated backstory, though. Still, the fact that he realizes the dangers of creating a nonsensical storyline, coupled with a statement in that same interview to the effect that he’s “distilling” a lot of what’s in the original Days of Future Past, leaves me a little hopeful.

A little. Some. If the movie turns out to be good, Singer, I will apologize to you.

What has me a more excited, though, is the rumor, courtesy of a screengrabbed casting call, that the movie will be set in 1973, approximately ten years after First Class. As ComicBookMovie points out, that likely nixes the Kennedy assassination as a plot point, but the possibility of seeing James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier wearing bad ’70s garb makes up for it. Corduroy and turtlenecks. You know he would.

(via: ComicBookMovie, Empire)

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  • TKS

    I don’t agree that a complicated (time-travelly) storyline is a “nonsensical.” Though, I do agree that the X-Men movie franchise storyline is nonsensical. Which makes me sad: X-Men comics are probably my favorite to read.

  • Starman

    I dunno. A complicated mess with nonsensical time-travel and a cast of bajillion characters? Sounds like an X-Men story to me.

  • Anonymous

    Just my opinion, but the problem with Spidey 3 wasn’t too many characters. It was too many completely unconnected villains with diverging plotlines that made for the mess of a story. You had different storylines for Venom, Sandman, and Hobgoblin without any real connection so it just seemed like throwing random crap against the wall to see what stuck.

    I’m going out on a limb and guessing that a lot of the original trilogy X-Men are going to be little more than cameos. Anyone else get the sense Wolverine will show up just long enough to get Worf’ed to demonstrate the severity of the situation?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It doesn’t have to be, but given the ballooning cast it seems to me that Days of Future Past is treading that line. I hope the time travel thing is done well… but, well, I’d be surprised is what I’m saying.

  • Her Majesty’s Wombat

    I love the X-Men and was introduced to them by the first movie, but after exploring the other material out there and watching the other movies continue their downward trajectory I can’t get behind Bryan Singer being in charge of this franchise. Or anything. *side eye to Superman Returns* Despite being one of my faves, this is the only superhero story that I’ll be sooooo glad to see rebooted in 5-10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Well, that IS what happened in DoFP, so it’s a good bet.

  • Laralock

    There are two pivotal moments that defined the X-Men: The Phoenix Saga and Days of a Future Past. They already ruined – no… destroyed the phoenix story. I Have no faith in this new delivery, even less with Brian Singer.

  • Jennifer Dougherty

    Given Singer’s work I’m going to go out on a limb and say that not only are you going to be surprised but you should also have that apology ready. I think he’s going to nail it.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I hope you’re right!

  • Magic Xylophone

    “You have to create your rules and stick with them. That’s why Terminator and Back To The Future work so well.”

    Haha no it’s not. Both those franchises play fast and loose with continuity and causality. They get by on compelling characters, powerful story hooks, elegant structure, and visual whizbang (or at least Terminator did until the execrable third entry).

  • Magic Xylophone

    Why with Bryan Singer? It’s Ratner who ruined Phoenix.

  • Laralock

    Yep, but I don’t like what Singer has done either.

  • Amanda LaPergola

    I just had a thought. Maybe I’m being a stubborn hopeful Pollyana and I’m one beer into the evening already, but hear me out.

    ‘Days of Future Past’ might be what the franchise needs to set things right. With time travel now added into the story, the filmmakers can back and forth and retcon the unnecessary character deaths of X-Men 3. We could have *SPOILER* and *HUGE SPOILER* back in movie continuity and undo all that rediculous *OMG SPOILER* business! It will be like X-Men 3 never existed! And then we could give Gambit a better role and get Rogue away from that boring, lipless Iceman! I see all my dreams coming true in an instant!

    I guess what I am trying to say is…beer.

  • Anonymous

    So far we have confirmed James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Ellen Page, Anna Paquin, Hugh Jackman, and Shawn Ashmore.

    Going by this cast list? Probably Victorian-era England.

  • Ryan Colson

    This isn’t that complicated. This film is just X4 AND FC2 existing as one movie. It could totally work.

  • Ryan Colson

    He’ll die in X4, but the FC2 part will negate it.

  • Ryan Colson

    You don’t like that he made two solid team movies that are the best comic team films we have? Much as I like Avengers, it’s first 30 minutes are so are boring and there is tons wrong with it.

  • Ryan Colson

    If they are rebooting F4 and The Wolverine is gonna start tying the uni together, X won’t be rebooted.

  • Ryan Colson

    Plus that no prize I got for solving most of XMFC’s -> XM continuity’ll pay off, hopefully.

  • Sarah M

    Firstly, thanks for the mental image of that picture. Gonna need therapy for that one :P
    And I’m taking the 70′s thing with a pinch of salt, it’s just a rumour at this point, nothing official.
    But if it is set in the 70′s I think we all know what needs to happen: DAZZLER BABY!!!

  • Melynda

    Bryan Singer directing this one makes me sad. I mean, I’m all for Days of Future Past on the big screen, but it’s depressing that so many old X-men actors are going to be in it. I could’ve lived without Paquin’s Rogue or Page’s Shadowcat ever being on screens again. But yay for Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

  • Prinny

    Welp. I was super excited until I started doing some research and noticed that Bryan Singer produced First Class. That was… a very disappointing movie. I’m always a little surprised that more people don’t call it out.

    I would be happy to see this franchise revert to Marvel. Disney’s been doing a decent job with their movies.

  • Her Majesty’s Wombat

    Oh, I think they’ll all get the treatment eventually. Look at the arc Batman’s movies made. They’re popular characters and someone will brush them off down the road to do their take. Hopefully it won’t be purely to retain their rights to the franchise, a la Spiderman’s “un-reboot.”

  • Laralock

    They were not of my particular liking. X2 was ok though.