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Wreck-It Ralph Gets Its Medal, Wins Big at the Annie Awards

Wreck-It Ralph was the King (Candy) at last night’s Annie Awards, beating out Brave and ParaNorman for Best Animated Feature. It was nominated alongside Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Rise of the Guardians, The Pirates! Band of Misfits, and The Rabbi’s Cat too, but honestly, did any of those have a chance? Actually, speaking realistically ParaNorman was a long shot as well, but I really (really really really… ) wanted it to win and may have deluded myself as to its chances a little.

Ralph walked away with five awards total at the Annies, which honors the year’s best achievements in animation. In addition to Best Animated Feature, it won Best Directing, Music, Voice Acting (for Alan Tudyk as King Candy, yaaaay!), and Writing. Disney also won Best Animated Short Subject for Paperman, which—judging by the comments when we posted it—isn’t all that loved by our readers.

A Pixar short didn’t get nominated this year, as the most recent one, La Luna, was eligible for last year’s Annies… even though Brave, which it played with, got its nominations this year. Just go with it.

ParaNorman did win two awards, for Character Animation and Character Design, as did Brave, for Production Design and Editing. In my mind the Annies created a special award for Best Hair and gave that to Brave, too. (Again with the self-delusion, Rebecca.)

Somehow (sorcery?!) Rise of the Guardians managed to beat out ParaNorman for Best Animated Effects, which, what the heck, Annies? Were you not paying attention during the final scene between Norman and Ghost!Aggie? The effects in Rise of the Guardians were good, but… OK, OK, I’m going to stop, I’m just riling myself up.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 and Justice League: Doom were beaten by Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem for Best Animated Special Production, but DC got some Annie love (kiiiiinda) when Robot Chicken‘s “DC Comics Special” episode won in the General Audience Animated Television Production category. Marvel got an award of its own, winning Best Animated Effects in a Live Action Production for The Avengers.

(via: The Wrap)

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  • TKS

    Honestly, I can’t really argue with any of these awards. Wreck It Ralph was really good, artistically and narratively. (ParaNorman was too, but, unfortunately, one of them had to win. It would be beat if we could see who the runners up were.)

  • Anonymous

    Not a great year for animated features… I can’t be entirely behind any of these nominees. It’s not like the Oscar race in 2009 when “Up” beat “Coraline”, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, “Princess and the Frog”, and “Secret of Kells”, any of which were deserving (and, IMHO, any of which beat any of this year’s Annie nominees)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll always be a fan of McDuffie, but Justice League: Doom just wasn’t very good, alas.

  • Anonymous

    The one thing that made Doom worth watching was getting our DCAU cast back. Somehow, those just sound like the *right* voices for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Martian Manhunter.

  • James Gardiner

    I’m fine with Wreck-It Ralph winning (though I also was rooting for Paranorman). It was a good film with real emotion and one of my new favorite Disney characters in the form of Sgt. Calhoun.

  • Nicky

    Well I guess it’s good that DC got some love i’m still upset that Motorcity didn’t win being the only catagory it was nominated for even though it was an absolutely amazing show on both in it’s enjoyment, writing and animation. It’s also my favorite show to come out this year.. Maybe I also have my own delusions but I just felt really crushed. Unrelated but, I thought the effects in Rise of the Guardians were pretty amazing, but Paranorman was an equal contender and ya it should have gotten more than it did. I’m always happy to hear praise about Paranorman because so many people overlook it.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Sigh. Still rooting for ParaNorman at the Oscars. Though good on Tudyk getting it for his channeling of Edd Wynn.

  • Isabel Baker

    :( Though I did enjoy Wreck-It Ralph, ParaNorman really deserved to win in my opinion. Well, heres hoping it wins the Oscar (I doubt it will, but a girl can dream)

  • Sara Franks-Allen

    Add another mark in the “rooting for ParaNorman” category. It just took me so completely by surprise with how good it was and nearly everyone I know thought it was the best animated film of the year. Ah well, it does richly deserve the awards it did get and Wreck-It Ralph – while not my favorite film – was pretty solid and did have some great touches.

    I kind of wish these computer animated specials based on movies would get a separate category. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they reuse the assets from the feature films, giving them a major advantage over the competition?

  • David Ouillette

    Were they blind??? I liked the story and humor of Wreck It Ralph but it seriously was not even in the same league of Brave when it came to animation quality.

  • The Notorious MIA

    …And that was why Brave won the Animation Golden Globe, and why the Annies have their own categories for Character Animation.

  • Pop Tarts Jen

    I am glad for any wins by either “ParaNorman” or “Wreck-It Ralph.” Both of them were fabulous movies. I liked “ParaNorman” a bit more, because it was more quirky and fun and just generally more my style, but “Wreck-It Ralph” was really great too. Both of them took me by surprise when I saw them – I was expecting them to be good, but not THAT good. And I’m glad to see them doing well over “Brave.” I liked “Brave,” but “ParaNorman” and “Wreck-It Ralph” were both better movies, and I’m glad “Brave” isn’t getting all the love just for the Pixar name.

    I was super surprised by all the “Paperman” dislike on the site – I thought it was adorable, and I didn’t get a creepy stalker vibe from the guy at all. I thought it was obvious that they were both totally into each other. And the animation style was fantastic. I found it to be charming.