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Who’s Up for a Field Trip to the World’s Geekiest Bar?

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OK, I’m not much of one for bars, but I’d have a drink here in a second. This is Paris’ Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde, or “Last Bar Before the End of the World,” and it’s the geekiest bar there is. Geekier even than Brookyn’s The Way Station, and they have a TARDIS bathroom! GeekMom has an in-depth writeup of the bar’s many geeky aspects, and it kinda makes me want to hop on a plane to Paris right now. Who’s with me?

(via: GeekMom)

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  • Anonymous

    Please tell me they’re playing the Mos Eisley cantina music when you walk in.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah well… I’m french and a geek, I know this bar and even if the settings are “geeky”, it’s just full of hipsters and pseudo-geeks… And also the prices are abusive… More “honest” geeks would prefer the “Meltdown”, even if it’s more for gamers…

  • Guillaume Brun

    Well you’re certainly not as geek as you pretend… more a video gamer, for that this is not the place to go. Then, you said you’re french, are you from Paris ? because if so, the prices are more than ok and I dare you find a pint of beer for 5€ (in Chatelet). Then again, about the “hipsters”, I’ve never seen one group of hipsters, maybe because I’m trying to avoid to go on week end because of this completely crazy increase of the popularity of the bar which makes it more and more difficult to enter and find a seat…

  • Gabriel Portelly


  • Anonymous

    Might be more a gamer bar, I admit. I know other bars in the 9th arrondissement (seems weird to say it in english) who offers 5€ beers pint, but I was talking about their cocktails prices. I talked about hipsters that unfortunetaly come WITH popularity but yes it’s not only them, I shouldn’t have said the things like I did, I concede that. Still, the settings are really awesome and well… there isn’t a lot of places that significant for “global” geeks in Paris (and wherever in the rest of France…)