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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And Now For Something Completely Different

The World of Warcraft Movie Knows What It’s About, Casts The Kurgan From Highlander

Do we know what Warcraft will be about? Do we know what characters, or even what races, will be in it? No. But we know the motherflippin’ Kurgan from Highlander will be there. And that’s perfect.

The Kurgan—known better as the legendary Clancy Brown, who’s recently made my life better as the Ghost Sheriff on Sleepy Holllow—and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu are the latest to join the video game adaptation, which is being helmed by Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones. Brown and Wu join previously announced cast members Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben FosterToby Kebbell, and Rob Kazinsky, all of whom will be playing… who the hell knows? Might there be a Night Elf in there? Who’s playing a gnome?

Full disclosure: I know diddly about World of Warcraft, and indeed most vidya games. I tried Everquest back in the day and got up to level two, which is quite respectable enough for me, thankyouverymuch. I can spectate a mean game of Mortal Kombat. And I can kick both my brothers’ butts on Uniracers, despite anything they may say to the contrary. So, long story short, I don’t care about a World of Warcraft movie as a World of Warcraft movie.

But… dang. That’s a good cast. You have Chuck Hansen from Pacific Rim and Ragnar from Vikings. Ben Foster’s one of the best, most underappreciated actors out there nowadays (X-Men: The Last Stand was not his fault). Paula Patton is Paula freaking Patton, and if she doesn’t deserve a franchise where she kicks some orc butt then I don’t know who does. There’s a rumor that Dominic Cooper might even join the cast. And Moon was a great movie.

This could either pull a reverse Prince of Persia and surprise us all with how good it is… or it could out-Prince of Persia even Prince of Persia itself. I’m frightened.


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  • Alana Beltzer

    Thrall? I know he’s quite a bit older now but that pic of him as the Kurgan just screams Orc to me! Also, holy crap, I didn’t make the connection between him being the Kurgan and the Sheriff from Sleepy Hollow until just now.

  • Anonymous

    What they said in BlizzCon was that is was going to be mostly orcs and humans. Warcraft I era kind of thing.

  • Anonymous

    No matter what he’s done in his career, in my head, he’s still Rawhide from Buckaroo Banzai.

  • Jose Saucedo

    You mean Mr. Krabs.

  • Mark Wyman

    Surely you mean he ‘s still Lex Luthor from almost the entire DCU.

  • Audrey

    I hope the movie is good because I love the game!

  • DJRM

    I could see him as Durotan or maybe Orgrim Doomhammer if he is playing an orc.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve got to second Rawhide. And add John Danziger from Earth 2.

  • NickN

    Well that’s depressing. I’m really not a big fan of the “lets go back to the good old days of Warcraft 1&2″ attitude that’s been infecting the game since part way through Wraith. I mean the next expansion is literally players traveling back in time to go fight against characters from the first two Warcrafts.

    A bunch of ex-slaves, refugees, outcasts and nomads coming together to survive in a world that would rather exterminate them and their cultures is pretty much Warcraft for me.

    I don’t think I can sit through a movie of heroic white dudes from fantasy Europe struggling against a horde of demon worshiping Orcs from fantasy Africa.

  • John Craft

    Checkout 99WoWguides webisite.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Shut you Bigbooty, you coward! You’re da weakest individual I ever know!

  • Anonymous

    “Fantasy Europe” I get, but “fantasy Africa”? Methinks thou art projecting just a tad.

  • JD

    This will not be ‘epic.’ WoW is about making a bunch of people/characters go out and k!ll the bad-guy/monster/evil and grab some loot.
    So watch the D&D movies, if you can stand them, and rinse-repeat.
    No doubt that the talent is good – I agree. Script-wise, not expecting much here.

  • NickN

    Its not projecting when its been pretty explicit within the game.

    Nagrand in Burning Crusade was a fantastical African savanna (that expansion even retconed the Orc’s true skin color to be naturally brown) and Blizzard has been cribbing real world cultures and stereotypes of those cultures for years — which makes their constant insistence that those in-game races are noble savages problematic as hell.

  • Anonymous

    Love the photo choice, Rebecca! Glad this film is happening.

  • Anonymous


  • Danielle Warby

    I love the game but can’t look forward to this until I hear of more women being cast…

  • Alisa Ann Kreuzer


  • frodobatmanvader

    Man, I haven’t thought of Earth 2 in sooo long. I still remember its series premiere coming on after the network’s first big showing of ST: The Undiscovered Country. Ah, memories…

  • frodobatmanvader

    So let me get this straight: Douglas Jones, aka Zowie Bowie aka The Son of Goblin King David Bowie, just cast Highlander’s The Kurgan into his High Fantasy movie with elves, orcs and the like?

    Ladies and gentlemen, between this and The Hobbit’s much more popcorn-y take on Middle-Earth, I’m hoping we’re in for a renaiscance of 80′s-style fantasy, BUT WITH MORE BUDGET.

  • Axe Armor

    Clancy Brown has actually been in Warcraft before: He was Thrall for the uncompleted adventure game Warcraft Adventures.