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Allow us to explain.

Today in Boobs

First Female-Specific Body Armor Ships Out To Afghanistan

It’s safe to say, having body armor that doesn’t fit correctly is almost no armor at all. That’s why we’ve been following the development of body armor for women in the armed forces so closely. Previously, the armor was in a prototype stage and being worn by the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky. It turns out, the women of the 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division are being deployed to Afghanistan soon and when they do, they’ll be wearing armor that fits. 

Yes, this is so long overdue it makes our brains hurt but it’s a day to celebrate nonetheless.

“The push to create these new vests began in 2009 when the 101st Airborne Division reported issues female soldiers were having with the fit and maneuverability of the recently fielded Generation II IOTVs,” wrote DVIDS. “On Wednesday, the 1st ABCT FET gathered in a small room with the lead product engineer of the Generation III Female Improved Outer Tactical Vests and officially became the second group in the Army to ever receive the new equipment.”

Surveys by the U.S. Army found a majority of women soldiers were wearing body armor too large for them and eventually led to a shift in thinking.

“We, as a military, have to truly accept that our female soldiers are combatants, they are in harm’s way and this battlefield does not have a frontline,” said Master Sgt. Jeff Fenlason. “As we have recognized that tactically, we are now getting caught up equipment wise and in training.”

Many of the women who tried the new armor on could not say enough good things about it.

“I can actually move my arms now,” said Private 1st Class Mary Kidd. “It covers the places that it is supposed to cover, and now that it fits the whole vest feels a lot lighter.”

And more importantly…

“The vest is vastly going to improve my ability to defend myself with a weapon,” said Cpt. Orielle Buentello. ”The old vests were too wide on my shoulders and high around my neck. Now, I feel like I have an extra two inches of reach through my arms and I will be able to get a proper sight alignment, making it easier to hit my target.”

Eight women from the 1st Armor Brigade Combat Team, Third Infantry Division are serving as the final test for the body armor as they head to Afghanistan soon. If all goes well, the creators hope to hand out 3,000 vests by the summer of 2013.

(via DVIDS, image Cpl. Emily Knitter, 1st ABCT, Third ID. 121128-A-OM161-001)

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    Glad it will protect the female soldiers better!

  • Tony Brasel

    3ID Dog Faced Soldiers leading the way! Ho-ah!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    No discernible individual breast cones. Comic book artists, take notice!

  • Brian Buckler

    As if those 12-year old isolated hornball fans of theirs would have any respect for real female heroes.
    They’d probably just react with “tits or GTFO.”

  • Joanna

    No chain-mail bikini either lol.

  • NarcoSleepy

    Wait… This doesn’t look at ALL like an armored bikini!

  • Chanel Diaz

    Stylish AND Functional.

    Someone quick, linked this to the Game Developers that think they either have to put a strippers’ outfit or a man’s clothes on a female soldier, stat!

    Besides that, it’s very hard to believe that with all the money spent on weapons to kill people, no one actually thought of things to protect people, like their FEMALE soldiers. There’s a lot more messed up sexist stuff going on in the army, though, that really contradict the saying, “it’s the menz job to protect the womenz1!”

  • Jerilyn Nighy

    Happy for them. Though the best armor would be to leave Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous
  • GeekFurious

    And it only took 11-years of war before these things happened.

  • Anonymous

    It almost makes me want to get back in. I was one of the lucky ones who had a small chest and could wear protective gear that fit my body. It took too long but at least it’s here.

  • Life Lessons

    Well this is excellent!!!!

  • Elliott Belser

    As a comic book artist, if they respond with “tits or GTFO” I’ll tell them to GTFO. I don’t need that kind of fan scaring away my paying customers.

  • Gil Salvado

    Thumbs up. Looks actually like a standard vest, but that’s only because it fits.