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Womanthology Reigns Queen Over Kickstarter’s 2011 Comics Projects

I remember when the Womanthology Kickstarter started up, and I thought to myself, “Oh, it’ll be safe to make a post about that on Monday, it’ll still need help then.” only to find that two weekend days later it had nearly reached its goal, with weeks left in the campaign. A preorder of its final published edition is one of my most treasured presents this holiday.

Of course, Womanthology may have received the biggest budget, dollar for dollar, but it only exceeded its funding goal by a measly 440%. See which comics rated that level of dedication below on Comics Alliance’s whole 2011 Kickstarter chart.

Click to enlarge.

(Comics Alliance)

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  • Frodo Baggins

    So, highest percentage of all time, except for an MMO and a comic based on a hugely popular band. That’s not too shabby is it? Or were you doing the thing with the sarcasm?

  • Corina Dee

    Aw, Bummer. I had hoped to see Aikonia up there. They managed to raise $10,000 and 110% of their funding goal. Could have been the cornerstone. But, a neat graphic none the less.

  • Life Lessons