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Wolverine Says: Go to Free Comic Book Day

Look, I understand that it’s a busy weekend. Iron Man 3 came out, tomorrow is Star Wars Day, you’ve got that dentist’s appointment in another state and on top of it all, you’ve got to recap another episode of Doctor Who this weekend. Where are you even going to find the time to go to brunch?

Okay, some of that might not be entirely universal to everybody‘s weekend, but if you can find the time in between your love of Star Wars and movies and television, I highly recommend visiting your local participating comic book store (there’s a locator in the sidebar here) and grabbing yourself some free comics. And while you’re there, pick up a not-free comic. That store paid for those free comics in order to throw a cool event for everybody around. So grab a copy of Batwoman, Vol. 1, She-Hulk: Single Green Female, Saga (or anything else that our commenters will no doubt recommend!) on your way to Iron Man 3. Hugh Jackman said so. Or he would have, if it was on his cue card.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually always thought having it on a weekend when a film is out was a smart move. For kids and mainstreamers (who are the people DC and Marvel should aggressively be targeting in the first place), their interest can be fleeting but you bet they’re going to have Iron Man on the brain after seeing the movie. So strike while the iron (I swear to go no pun intended) and get ‘em into the shops, I say!

  • LiWa

    Oooh, if I was recommending comics to buy, I’d start off recommending the current Captain Marvel-run, but I assume everyone must be aware of what an absolutely amazing read that is, with such an overwhelmingly kick-ass female lead and a fantastic cast that has great female friendship moments and guest appearances by Monica Rambeau, Spiderwoman and some BAMF female WWII -era fighters/pilots.

    So instead of waxing on (and on) about my love for Captain Marvel, I’ll put in a good word for Fearless Defenders. It’s been fairly entertaining so far and it’s only about three issues in. It’s a great team-up between Valkyrie and Misty Knight, with an extremely diverse, practically all-female cast (I think there are some ‘speaking’ roles for the female villain’s principle henchmen).

    I’d also recommend Avengers Assemble #9 and up (like Captain Marvel, it’s written by the extremely-talented Kelly Sue Deconnick), which is a lot of fun and has excellent characterization of the entire Avengers team, male and female. In addition to a competition of Thor and Iron Man versus Hulk and Spiderwoman, which rapidly devolves into disaster, it has the Captains Marvel and America and their epic-friendship and a wonderful run of Hawkeye, Black Widow and Spiderwoman on a mission.

    The current Hawkeye run is brilliant and frequently features the wonderfully BAMF Kate Bishop as a delightful counterbalance to Clint Barton’s charming stumble from one bad decision to another. And if you want more of Kate’s competence and flair, you can read Young Avengers, where she teams up with the fabulously butt-kicking Miss America, Billy-and-Teddy, Noh-Varr and Loki. Young Avengers is also only about four issues in and highly addictive so far.

    Obviously, I’m a Marvel-girl, and I could go on and on about how amazing some of their current issues are, but I would definitely recommend everyone give the above comics a read. Some of them are a bit male-gazey (*cough* Fearless Defenders *cough*), but they all feature nicely fleshed out, BAMF female characters, diverse casts and entertaining storylines.

    TL;DR: While you’re grabbing your free comic, try out Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders, Avengers Assemble, Hawkeye and Young Avengers!

  • Anonymous

    I just want to strongly encourage everyone to pick up Atomic Robo, which is amazing and hilarious. All of their previous FCBD offerings are available online if you want a preview, plus the last trade they put out was deliberately female-character-centric.

  • Amanda Murray

    How many issues back so I have to buy to really know what’s going on in the stories? I’d like to start supporting Marvel instead of DC (partially because I’m pissed about the Orson Scott Card fiasco, and partially because I miss the Marvel teams) but the idea of jumping in is scary. I started reading DC when the New 52 came into effect, so it was an easy start.

  • LiWa

    I completely hear you about DC. I used to be really in to them, but I keep getting turned off by their various diversity and decent-human-being fails. I just tried to read their Earth Zero books and had to put down the second Superman one after a domestic violence victim says her abuser was justified in hitting her and Superman’s response was to say he *forgave* *her* and was still willing to be her friend. Wow. Ick.

    Marvel, so far, has been doing a pretty decent job on the diversity front and keeping me from doing too many facepalms.

    Everything I recced above is part of Marvel NOW!, which was the relaunch of a bunch of their comics that started back in October of 2012, so these should be easy starts as well. Most of the current volumes are completely independent of each other in terms of storylines, and they do a great job of introducing the characters and starting a clean story arc. As long as you jump in at the start of an arc, you can easily follow along. Marvel had an issue called Marvel NOW! Point One which had a loose plot involving Fury and Coulson that strung together a bunch of prologues for many of the relaunched volumes, which you might want to check out, but it’s not necessary to the stories as a whole.

    Deconnick’s Captain Marvel is twelve issues in, and the first six are available in a trade paperback (In Pursuit of Flight). Fearless Defenders’ and Young Avengers have both just released their fourth issues, so that is a quick catch up. It might be helpful to read the previous Young Avengers (and the Kid!Loki Fear Itself) arcs to get a better idea of the characters and where they’re coming from, but the current Volume does stand on its own and I think it does a fantastic job of introducing the characters.

    The first 8 issues of Avengers Assemble are pre-NOW! and a completely different author and story arc. Deconnick takes over in issue 9 and there have only been two short arcs so far (Issues 9-11 and Issues 12-13), which can be read completely separately.

    Hawkeye’s only ten issues in, and its first five issues are also available in a paperback (My Life as a Weapon). It is a fantastic read and currently leading the list for the 2013 Eisner Awards with five nominations (Best Continuing Series, Best New Series, Best Writer, Best Penciller/Inker and Best Cover Artist).

    So 12 for Captain Marvel (or a paperback + 6 issues), 10 for Hawkeye (or paperback + 5), 5 for Avengers Assemble and 4 each for Fearless Defenders and Young Avengers.

    I hope this helps!

  • LiWa

    I’m also fairly psyched for the new X-Men. I’m very fond of some of the X-Ladies and I have to admit I’m looking forward to an all-female team.

    I haven’t had a chance to read the new Gambit, although I recently picked up the first issue. Gambit was one of my first comic crushes! I’ll bump it up my priority list and give it a shot.

  • Amanda Murray

    Thank you! That was incredibly helpful. I’ve also heard that X-treme X-men is worth a read (and was a Dazzler fan back in high school) so I might grab that as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll definitely be giving the new X-men a shot to see how it plays out, looks like it’ll be a lot of fun!

    I’m certainly a Gambit fan, I can’t help it. The good thing about the series is that the story arcs work on their own or with the benefit of having read all the previous issues. It’s got 11 out right now and I’ve been enjoying the current story thus far. But give it a shot and see how you like it!

  • Maggie

    A lot of the comics I really like have already been recommended but I do have one to throw out there. I believe Superman Family Adventures just came out with the first trade. It’s just been cancelled (sniff, sniff), It’s an all ages comic, done by the same people who did Tiny Titans (Art Baltazar and Franco), and I swear, it’s the best treatment of Lois Lane that DC’s done since the New 52 came out.

    It’s a shame it was cancelled, but hey, at least that means it’s a quick and easy read for everyone!

    Okay, checked on this — it’s supposed to come out July 2nd, but my LCS had gotten a few copies in early, so yours might have it too. Apparently the LCS is on a different release schedule from the national chains. Or something.