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The Wizard of Oz Is The Oldest Film Ever To Be Converted To 3D [VIDEO]

As much as I don’t care for post-conversion 3D or IMAX in general, I will definitely be seeing The Wizard of Oz when it’s re-released September 20th. Of course I’d go and see it just as quickly if it were being showed in it’s original format but after watching this video showing the process of how it’s all done, I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


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  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why everything needs to be converted into 3D. But then I’m also not a fan of coloring old black & white movies. Being the crotchety old fuddy duddy I am, I prefer to let the classics STAY classic. And I will stubbornly keep going to the 2D versions of things for as long as they last. Now, get off my lawn!

  • Fortyseven

    As long as the originals are freely available, I don’t really care what gimmicks they want to play with. (Unlike, say, the original Star Wars trilogy.)

  • Alex Mohalek

    Hi, just wanted to state that the Lon Chaney – Mary Philbin silent era
    PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is the oldest film to be ‘converted’ to 3D,
    as they used the already existing red & green two-strip Technicolor
    prints which were already incidentally stereoscopic when the movie
    was shot nearly a century ago.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah as long as we still have the option of Glorious 2D then I don’t mind particularly but I do still understand shadowmaat’s feelings. I just sigh and wonder why they’d do this for something that seems so gimmicky and unnecessary. If I want 3D entertainment I’ll go to the theatre!

    But yeah, as you say… it’s a real shame there’s whole generations of kids who’ll never see Star Wars as it once was and instead see a version with glaringly dated and jarring “additions”. Sigh.