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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

It Came From Outer Space

William Shatner Thinks J.J. Abrams Has Gone to the Dark Side

Willam Shatner is not taking J.J. Abrams taking Star Wars sitting down.

Which is to say he seems pretty disappointed that the director of two Star Trek movies is now in charge of the next Star Wars movie.

It wouldn’t be the first time Shatner’s picked a feud with the rival franchise (and by rival I guess I mean other blockbuster sci-fi series with Star in the title). He and Carrie Fischer duked it out in a series of increasingly “are they really seriously fighting?” YouTube videos until George Takei suggested they put their differences aside and team up to fight vampires.


Anyway, Shatner was recently asked for his opinion on Abrams taking Star Wars VII, and put it bluntly:

He’s being a pig… He’s probably the most talented director of that ilk we have. But, he’s gone too far this time.

The actor didn’t seem so much angry as disappointed that Abrams is “collecting” the two franchises and “holding them close to his vest” so that other filmmakers won’t get a shot at them. He said he wouldn’t mind taking Abrams out for sushi and giving him a piece of his mind, so to speak. I dunno, J.J. Maybe you better give him the cameo instead of Leonard this time.

(via GeekTyrant.)

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  • Anonymous

    I admit that I always found the Trek vs. Wars debates to be as baffling as the Marvel vs. DC debates.

  • Kayla Rose Graham

    I’m not really sure why there’s such a Wars vs. Trek feud. I *prefer* Star Trek, but I have no problem with Star Wars. I think it’s GREAT that a Star Trek director is going to be bridging the gap.

    Also, I know a couple people who’ve met Bill Shatner, and if you ask them about it, they’ll never say, “Oh, it was so cool!” It’s always something along the lines of, “Yeah, he’s kind of a jerk…”

  • Anonymous

    I always think of Tim Allen in Galaxy Quest. Shatner is a character (not necessarily in the thespian sense).

  • drgeek

    They should, in principle, be very different kinds of films – and I think many agree that JJ hasn’t shown his ability to be flexible in terms of *tone.*

  • Anonymous

    This just seems to be another example of Shatner complaining about not being cast in something (mixed with his lingering resentment over not being included in the Star Trek reboot). I bet he could care less about Abrams dipping his toe into both big space properties.

  • Anonymous

    They’re pretty much great and awful in equal amounts, but in different ways. I love both! Who cares!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but he’s already made Star Trek have more of a Star Wars “feel” to it, so why not?

  • Sam Groves

    “This just seems to be another example of Shatner” is really all you needed to say.

  • Betty Windsor

    I agree with Shatner. I’ve never understood the fued either, and people don’t like it when you protest to loving both to some similar degree. So I understand that JJ loves them both. But I do believe it’s WRONG for JJ to be in charge of 2 such giant franchises. They really could have given another director a chance. Then again the first Star Trek film by JJ, though very well cast, incited mostly anger, outrage, and rolled eyes from me. I just believe there are so many other fan boys and girls. He isn’t the only one making motion pictures that pull the money in.

  • Sam Groves

    This isn’t a grade school playground where Abrams is hogging all the play equipment. These are business decisions, based on who is more likely in the eyes of the suits to take the franchise and actually make it work again (as well as who is actually willing to take a chance on a franchise that honestly was almost as fouled in rep as Star Trek was post Nemesis & “Enterprise”.)

    And while he may not be the only one making motion pictures that pull the money in, lets remind ourselves of HOW he pulled the money in:

    Alias – Lost – Fringe – Person of Interest – Star Trek – Cloverfield

    How many names can you pull up that have the same level of ‘awesome geek’ cred that you’d expect someone taking on something like Star Wars seriously to need? And how many of those weren’t already on record saying ‘Sorry, I’m too busy!”

    There isn’t any thing wrong here other than Shatner’s ego, and that’s always been a bit wrong.

  • Peter Eckelkamp

    This is the same as your grandpa grousing about you marrying someone outside of your own race. Old people are not always full of wisdom.

  • Betty Windsor

    I do agree that there are not a lot of other directors known for having already produced major money hits. I’m sure he will be able to produce a product very well.

    He’s already taken Star Trek and turned it from show representing space exploration and intrigue into alien culture to , “HO HA Flippity floppity let’s be scoundrels and save the day while being funny yippity dee! Here’s a star trek reference!” JJ doing Star Wars is completely expected and pointless, because he’s already done that with Star Trek. It is going to be visually appealing, and utterly soulless . I am scared that it will be reliant completely on nostalgia. That is a bad fear of mine. I would like to hope that if this has to be, I could hope for something new and interesting that could crash, not waiting for him to create another movie that embodies the essence of Lucas and Spielberg and their filmmaking. I thought it was somewhat well known that Disney sometimes has given directors that have not produced major blockbusters a chance with running sort of rampant with material.

    JJ can do memorable television shows, but as
    for his films not so much. Though I would say he is very talented at copying, (as in being heavily influenced)

    He is the easiest and most obvious choice, but they certainly could have waited and found someone better. Or you know what,
    not make these damn movies.

  • Nancy Lorenz

    Shatner is the cantankerous but loveable old egotist grandpa of the Sci-Fi world. I love him so much, he cracks me up. He’s bizarre and wonderful. <3

  • Nancy Lorenz

    Yeah, I have my sci-fi like I have my sexuality. Varied and interesting. LOL!

  • Nancy Lorenz

    I met him. He was absolutely wonderful and I loved the experience. I recently went to a Comic-Con here in Australia. He was very kind to one girl in the crowd who was tearing up when she asked her question to him at a panel because she and her father used to watch Shatner shows together before her Dad died of dementia-related illnesses. He invited her up on stage and hugged her as she spoke to him. It was the sweetest damned thing I’ve ever seen an actor do at a convention, and he really does care about his fans. It’s just there are SO MANY of them, and he’s just one dude. And yeah, he’s done some dumb stuff in his time and been a jerk, but he’s human. Flawed, complicated, human. I’m just saying he’s not all bad. There is a very kind side to him, I’ve seen it, and I liked meeting him.

  • BabeWoreRed

    Disagree, the new Star Trek films are glossy, clean, shiny…still very “Star Trek”-y. By contrast the (original) Star Wars films are gritty, dark, dust-blown westerns with next to no lens flare…if by feel you mean they’re more action packed, well that’s not tone is it? It’s structure.

  • BabeWoreRed

    Right?! Imagine the Star Wars of say, Alfonso Cuarón. We’d get something more in keeping with the old Star Wars, darker and character focused…That would frankly be awesome. I’ve had enough of JJ’s glossy, lens-flare-ridden style for now…

  • DarthBetty

    For some reason when you said Cuaron I immediately envisioned a Fett biopic.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, “feel” is not a very specific term. He sped things up, added more action, there’s sound in space, and I think it’s less contemplative (if not less serious, I guess)