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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And That's Terrible

Whoopi Goldberg Went To NYCC And Talked To Everyone But Us [VIDEO]

Ok, I’m exaggerating but Whoopi Goldberg visited New York Comic Con last weekend and talked with tons of people we know! Too bad we didn’t know she’d be there or we could have saved her a spot in our “Representation in Geek Media” panel room. Perhaps she could have taken a few tips from our creator panel considering she was at NYCC trying to gauge interest in her comic book idea. The video gives a really positive look at geek culture and the event as a whole, which is nice to see, but hit us up next time, Whoopie. The Mary Sue ladies would love to sit down with The View crew and talk about women and pop-culture!

(via The Beat)

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  • Gerald Kirby

    I saw her talking to Joe Quesada, but didn’t take a picture. When I told my mother, she yelled at me. “Sister Act, Ger! Sister Act!”

  • blu girl

    I wish I would’ve run into her. I love Whoopi! Now I wanna know what her comic book idea is :)

  • Anonymous

    Whoopi. Getting her name spelled correctly moght be the forst step in making this happen ;-)

  • Lien

    Darn it, Whoopi. Stop being so awesome (don’t listen to me).

  • Anonymous

    This was SUCH a wonderful representation of Geek Culture on a major platform. I am not surprised coming from Whoopi, but it’s nice to see nonetheless. Also- I would TOTALLY read a comic book by her.

  • kevin

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  • Omegasama

    Shame one can’t see the video outside of the US.

  • Anonymous

    I love Whoopi, but I can’t help but be disappointed in anyone who willingly sits next to Jenny McCarthy regularly.