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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Lesson in Humility

Exclusive Clip: The White Queen

Ooh, that James Frain, he just makes me so mad! Starz casted him well as Lord Warwick in The White Queen. Check out his tense conversation with Veerle Baetens’ Margaret of Anjou in this exclusive clip.

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  • Kerry Dolan Timony

    No matter how many villainous roles he plays, to me he will remain that soft-hearted nice guy who loved Natalie Portman in “Where The Heart Is.”

  • Janelle S

    No matter what else he plays, he will always be the vaguely creepy and closeted duke married to Carla Gugino in “The Buccaneers”. Cannot unsee.

  • Trijan Maddux

    I am so glad that someone else besides me remembers his role in “The Buccaneers”! I love that series. I agree, no matter what, whenever I see him in a film or TV series, I always remember his famously creepy line from the Buccaneers, “this is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?” His character was very creepy in the series…but so well acted!

    Personally, I love to hate him…I enjoy watching him play the villain. But I will watch anything he is in. He truly immerses himself in each character that he plays. Such a great actor!

  • Kerry Dolan Timony

    Yay, it’s streaming on Netflix! I’m joining the club!

  • Trijan Maddux

    Yay! :)