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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


What do Robots See?

Robots have seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

There are robots that see a lot of nice people doing little things to help:

As for this guy, who depends on complete strangers to turn him in the right direction

I’m guessing he sees a lot of this:

But what might be boring and mundane for humans to look at can be incredibly challenging for robots. Here’s a video of a robot, designed by a Ph.D. student and professor at UC Berkeley, folding towels. At fifty times actual speed.

When you overcome those challenges, though robots, computers, and sensors can work together to detect some pretty cool stuff. Advanced GE-made computer programs are helping planes adjust their fuel efficiency mid-flight:

Time to fly!


  • Anonymous

    The hotel unions are up in arms about that towel folding robot. It’s already working faster than 74% of the members.

  • Anonymous
  • Jerilyn Nighy

    They see meatbags everywhere.

  • Kate

    That towel-folding robot is pretty awesome. Not only can it recognize a variety of different types and patterns of towel, but it also seems able to discriminate between different sizes. I know that’s not a big deal for humans, but for robots it’s huge.

  • Lee

    Isn’t the title image of a “Replicant”? Those were supposed to be identical to humans, but “Better”. Still a ‘meatbag’, I think?