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Show Your Mutant Loyalty With We Love Fine’s X-Men Design Contest Winners

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X-Men fans pulled out all the stops for We Love Fine’s latest design contest.  The grand prize winner of this one, Antony Rozwadowski, won himself a trip to San Diego Comic-Con to boot! Check out the fun new designs now available for purchase and if you want to play along, they currently have a My Little Pony vs. Villains design contest in the submissions stage…

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  • Charlie

    No love for Nightcrawler? Sadface.

  • Curt Clark

    I would wear the hell out of the Leigh Wortley design.

    They all look amazing though, and Rozwadowski’s is especially dynamic.

    I also wish there were more love for Nightcrawler.

  • Totz_the_Plaid

    My personal opinion on these:

    Leigh Wortley – Cool. Never been a fan of that Storm costume, but I dig the art style.

    Maggie Davidson – Awesome! Love it.

    Seth St. Pierre #1 – I was never too into that sort of art style to begin with, and now it’s all over the place. I’m bored with it and roll my eyes whenever I see it.

    Jerry Bennett – I like it. Very old-school and it’s unafraid to be cheesy. I’m considering buying it.

    Thomas Smith – Really? Ugh. I’m sick of this type of “clever” design. Boring.

    Elliot Fernandez – It’s good, but there are dozens of other Wolverine shirts that are pretty much just like it. It won’t stand out from the pack. Well-done, but it’s been done.

    Balázs Lőrinczi – This I like. It’s dynamic, interesting, and visually effective. Yes, there are shirts with the same idea out there already, but every one is eye catching and distinguishes itself from the others easily. Well-done!

    droid loot – Another old-school design. Reminds me of the B:TAS logo. Unlike Jerry’s, however, it feels like this design style’s been done into the ground and hasn’t been retired long enough to feel fresh again. Well-done, but sadly tired.

    Seth St. Pierre #2 – Now this is more like it! Yeah, this sort of shirt is pretty common, but as with Balázs’s design, every different one stands out dynamically and works really well for the character at hand. I dig it!

    Antony Rozwadowski – Of course this begs comparison to Thomas’s design, and Tom’s doesn’t hold a candle to it. This actually uses the characters in an interesting and representative way to create the logo, not just forcing bits of them into letter shapes. Fantastic stuff.