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Warehouse 13 to be Boxed Up After Half a Season

Syfy has assured everyone that after wrapping up, Warehouse 13 will be turned over to “top men.” When questioned further, they replied:

Top. Men.

Deadline has revealed that Syfy’s four year old series Warehouse 13 is being cancelled. Fortunately, the show will get a fifth season to wrap itself up.

“Warehouse 13 has been an incredible signature series for us,” said Syfy President of Original Content Mark Stern. “We are grateful to the loyal and passionate fan base and know that Jack Kenny, his gifted creative team, and outstanding ensemble cast will give them an amazing finale season.”

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a half season of only six episodes, though I suppose this shows that Syfy has learned its lesson from the backlash to the cancellation of Eureka that left show runners scrambling to rewrite the ending of a season they were in the midst of filming. Eventually the network okayed an extra final episode in order to give time to tie up loose ends and say goodbye to characters. Warehouse 13‘s final season has not yet begun filming, which hopefully leaves enough time for showrunners to bring the series to a satisfying close.

(via Deadline.)


  • Avalon


  • Alyssa Favreau


  • Ribbonquest

    Eureka got cancelled? Wow guess that shows how little I keep up with TV as it airs…

  • Anonymous

    That’s a pity. You could never accuse Warehouse 13 of being great television but it was entertaining and filled to the brim with clever ideas and charisma. Sorry to see it go.

  • Chris

    Not again!

  • Grahame Turner

    Welp, there goes the last show I was watching on Siffy. Er, Sci-Fi.

  • Anonymous

    Really surprised to see Warehouse 13′s ratings slide the way they have. The show originally premiered to 3.5 mil (2.1 premiere this season), but the latest eps came in at only 1.2 mil. I’ve enjoyed the dynamic within the main cast, but I guess it became a little too repetitive. 5 years ain’t a bad run.

  • Anonymous

    Warehouse 13 cancelled? I’ll risk the evil of the astrolabe to go back and correct that mistake.

  • Words Have Meanings

    I was hoping to see even more of non-albino Jaime Murray as Wells :(

  • Gregory Williams

    Comcast is dedicated to taking the SyFy out of the SyFy channel … showing the typical corporate lack of understanding of the genre. But it is clear that the Canadians and British are taking the lead and control of the genre with only the CW (here in the US of A) trying to keep a valid presence in the genre as they go to Canada to film the majority of their shows … this just more proof of conservative controlled media driving science and science fiction out of the United States as fast as they can.

  • Ted Ellis

    AH more room for wrestling or some other “reality show” YAY!

  • Carol Darnell

    Is there some rule they have that they can have only one show worth watching on at a time? I hear “Defiance” is good, and I’ve been considering giving it a try, but c’mon, we just got it back!

  • Erin Treat

    Um, I’d definitely call it great television. Not every week, but on a regular basis. Last weeks episode was delightful.

  • Erin Treat

    I don’t think it became repetitive or stale, it hasn’t been around long enough for that. The problem I see is SyFy’s lack of promotion, scheduling it against shows like Castle and apathy on the part of some sites that surprised me.

    It’s a sci-fi show full of strong, awesome women, funny writing and heart. Sounds tailor made for a site such as, I don’t know, themarysue? A site all about women, sci-fi and geek culture. But they hardly ever payed attention to it.

    If they had given it more coverage and promotion, it might still have gotten cancelled, but maybe not and we’ll never know now. Very confusing.

  • Michelle Mista

    And there goes SyFy, saying goodbye to another good show. At least we get the time to say our farewells, too.

  • Anonymous

    Half-season almost pisses me off more than canceled. I mean, let them go out in style.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how well ratings account for time-shifted viewing. I’ve seen every episode to date, but probably only watched two or three off the television. I’ve been Hulu and dvds. I’d presume that a pretty solid portion of the viewers of WH13 are like that.

  • Sophie the Unicorn

    The only satisfying conclusion to the series that I will accept involves Myka and HG living happily ever after. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this.

  • Mark Brown

    Well, looks like this’ll be a job for Warehouse 14.

  • Anonymous

    Believe me, networks pay close attention to DVR views, On Demand, online views, and repeat viewings. The problem is those views aren’t valued by advertisers as much as those for the original “live” showings. DVRs allow viewers to skip commercials, and advertisers don’t pay nearly as much for ad time for On Demand and Online options. The big money comes from viewers watching at the regularly scheduled time because advertisers believe you have fewer options for avoiding their commercials (and these shows exist because of ad revenue). It’s why sporting events and reality shows like Idol and the Voice are so profitable – their live viewership rates are huge, and advertisers are willing to really open up the wallets to get commercial time during those events.

  • Erin Treat

    Completely agree. It’s ridiculous that they still aren’t together and if it ends any other way it will be a major screw up on Kenny’s part.

  • Fisty

    That’s a shame. Of the Syfy shows this one was pretty fun and not so hard to watch. I quite liked the last noir episode. Syfy needs to get their shit together.

  • Anonymous

    What?! No! Not okay!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to meet Brent Spiner.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Further proof why SyFy is a dead channel. All it’s best shows cancelled for brain-death STUPID reasons, and the only decent new show it’s got is Defiance, which, while having a few detractors, is pretty good and generally being well-received. Which of course means it’s utterly doomed. They might as well rename it “The Lazy ReRuns Network Where Creativity Goes To Die” Channel.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wanted to kill half the planet with sweating sickness.

  • Miss Sadie

    Not cool.

  • Mark Matson

    My daughter and I largely gave up after season 2. They spent all season setting up really interesting possibilities, such as having H.G. as a regular member (and romantic interest for Myka) and having Cladia become the new caretaker before she was ready. Then, they undid all that coolness and just said, nah, we’ll go back to the same show it used be without doing anything interesting. Never really forgave them for that.

  • Ronny Søberg

    First Stargate and Atlantis.. Then Eureka.. Now Warehouse 13.. what the hell are these guys doing? They have NO SHOWS now.. Guess they just don’t have the kind of audience they would need for them to be able to pay for actual shows.. Reality garbage costs nothing and could be made by students. Farewell SyFy.

  • Cy

    I figured Warehouse 13′s days were numbered after the cancellation of Eureka. I’ll be sad to see it go. It is a fun show. I love the artifacts.

  • Cy

    I figured Warehouse 13′s days were numbered after the cancellation of Eureka. I’ll be sad to see it go. It is a fun show. I love the artifacts.

  • Avalon

    I just want to work in the warehouse.

  • Lauren Allen

    Well finally! I was wondering when they’d clear out this awful mess of imagination-stimulation and likable characters to make room for more actual sci-fi shows like ghost hunting and pro wrestlin’.

  • Lauren Allen

    +1 ^

  • Phasers and Spells

    I just want to find an artifact.

  • Phasers and Spells

    I hope, I really, REALLY hope that they can keep this going in comic book format.

  • Paul Galea

    Lets Cancele the Syfy channel now

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Every time they had a good show they kill it for crap like Defiance

  • Anonymous

    But, like, an artifact that doesn’t turn me evil or kill people but an artifact of pure awesome and NO bad side effects. ;)

  • Anonymous

    It has that bubbly feeling of happiness every time it airs… That’s great television- just like how I felt with Eureka!!!

  • @HG4Myka

    Vote for alternate ep/scenes for HG & Myka for the DVD release. See my twitter profile or go direct to polls here: AND Results will be sent to SyFy.

  • Anonymous

    All I want to know is. When is James Marsters getting his own series?! The guy has more than enough talent but I don’t know if he just has a shitty agent or he just isn’t looking for regular work (he needs to get away from the 27,000 cons he attends). He may have missed his window but I think he’d be great in his own series or as a series regular whether it’s on SyFy or another network.

    Thanks for letting me vent – lol.

  • Leon

    Syfy making more room for trashy reality shows so Howe and Engler can have more cuddle time?

  • Aundrea Singer

    I quite SyFy after they announced they were killing Stargate: Atlantis for no reason after season five–to make way for Stargate: Universe, which they wanted to be the same kind of dark, gritty and miserable mainstream hit as BSG. Then they managed to add insult to injury by basically dismissing the SG fans as, in so many words, stupid for liking such an unsophisticated show. And THEN, when SGU failed because it just sucked, they blamed the ‘fanboy’ audience for boycotting it, when the whole idea had been to ignore the geeky fans in favor of a mainstream audience.


    It seriously seems like SyFy goes out of their way to destroy all their best dramas, then wonder why people only watch their wrestling and ‘reality’ shows. Talk about biting the hand that fed you.