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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Walking Dead Recap: Made To Wait

The midseason finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead was titled “Made to Suffer.” So, did we? 

[Spoilers ahead!]

Tyreeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! We heard he was coming but I had no idea it would be this soon, or that he’d play such a big role in this final. But there he was, in all his hammer smashing glory. His group is on the run from walkers, one of their own is bitten, and they stumble upon the prison. Only, it’s a part of the prison we haven’t seen – a giant portion of the brick is destroyed and for a moment I thought we were perhaps seeing a glimpse of the end of the episode, after The Governor’s people had attacked the prison. But no, seems our survivors just haven’t gotten that far yet and this is the source of all the walkers in the prison.

We don’t see too much more of them in the episode but we do get to see Carl save the day. He goes off by himself to investigate screaming and winds up finding Tyreese’s group in the ever-problematic boiler room. He gets them to a safe spot in the prison then proceeds to act just like his father, and lock them in. Not everyone in their group is happy about this but Tyreese realizes the position they’re in and thanks Carl. Meanwhile, prisoner Axel is starting to creep on 17-year-old Beth, then Carol, you know, after learning she is not, in fact, a lesbian because she has short hair.

In Woodbury, things are tense as ever. Michonne has led Rick, Oscar, and Daryl to the gates and they find a side entrance to slip in. Someone from the town notices their presence but thinking it’s just another resident, the guy isn’t so careful when investigating. Rick tries to get him to tell them where Glenn and Maggie are being held but he has no clue so they tie him up and knock him out so he can’t alert anyone.

In the make-shift torture chamber, Glenn has thankfully given Maggie his shirt to wear then stops hugging her so he can rip off a walker’s arm. Even Maggie was grossed out. But it was for a good cause – Glenn ripped out the guy’s arm bones so he and Maggie could use them as shivs when Merle and crew came back. They were able to take out one of their captors before being surrounded but they didn’t have to wait long before Rick & Co. showed up with their arsenal.

And then, there was a lot of shooting.

Honestly, this whole scene disappointed me a great deal. I was expecting…something, anything to happen and nothing did. No one from our survivors is hit – except Oscar – who is quickly shot in the head by Maggie on the way out the door so he doesn’t turn. And hey, it’s probably just a coincidence they introduced another African American man before offing this one, right?

The highlight of the episode was Michonne’s side mission. She left Rick & Co. to hunt down The Governor but while waiting in the dark for him, she hears a noise coming from his secret room. Her reaction to his head aquarium was pretty great but what I wasn’t expecting was her thinking his locked up daughter was alive. It makes sense she would think that but seeing a vulnerable side to Michonne was unexpected. Just as she’s about to take out zombie-daughter, The Governor interrupts but he’s too concerned for the welfare of his daughter to do anything but lay down his weapons. And Michonne does the only thing we can expect from her – she impales the daughter with her sword.

And then, all hell breaks loose.

This is a fight that will go down in history. The Governor lets our his rage on Michonne and she does everything she can not to be a victim. Both get pretty roughed up but then score one for The Governor when he throws Michonne into his aquariums. Gross. Also, we find out those heads were never stabbed, shot, etc. when one of them flops open mouthed on the floor like a fish trying to breathe. Instead of getting to use her sword on him, Michonne uses the broken glass from one of the aquariums to stab him in the eye hardcore. She would have finished him off if not for Andrea interrupting. They don’t get much of a reunion though, Michonne simply runs off.

And Andrea is totally sympathetic to The Governor even though she sees the aquarium and his zombie-daughter. Andrea, you might be too far gone to be an awesome character. I’m sorry.

We’re left with an interesting, yet entirely unimpressive cliffhanger for the midseason break. The Governor, realizing Merle lied about killing Michonne, blames him for the “terrorist attack” on Woodbury. Whether he truly believes he was a part of it or just needed someone to place the blame on isn’t entirely clear but he’s caught Daryl and decides they’re both going to die. Will the Dixon boys team up to kick ass? Will Andrea finally realize The Governor is a bad guy?  Oh, the episode is over.

All in all, I was underwhelmed with this episode, especially considering it’s the last we’ll see for a while. It was interesting to see Carl really imitating his father and I’m looking forward to seeing how that will develop over the next half of the season. Interesting to see Michonne almost create The Governor we know from the comics (although he was partway there). But not as much happened in this episode as I was expecting it to. I thought at least Rick would come face to face with The Governor. The first half of Season 3 is definitely an improvement over last season but has left me feeling just as frustrated in parts. Michonne and her antics have definitely made up for it though.

Let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments and see you in February when The Walking Dead returns? Unless you watch the marathon they’re running New Year’s Eve.

Previously in The Walking Dead

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  • John Wao


    Great episode.

    What’s going to happen to Merle and Daryl? That is not going to end well no matter how it ends.

    I wonder if Axel is going to prove dangerous? There was a character in the comics that did some bad things. Although it seems like they’re staying away from the extremely violent stuff from the comics.

    Well now we have our one eyed psycho Governor that we always wanted.

    Is it just me or every time they show a child zombie my first reaction is please don’t kill it.

    Between this episode, the GoT preview, and the Boardwalk Empire finale it was a good night of TV.

  • spartantown

    I don’t know how you could be disappointed with the episode. You just described an epic mid-season finale. keyword: mid-season. There’s more to come and they’ve set the stage nicely.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    *shrug* It didn’t feel particularly epic to me.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I thought they were heading toward child rape/murder too, but that was thankfully rescinded…still, that guy is proving himself to be quite the creeper.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Michonne, Andrea, and now Daryl all seem to be suffering from some sort of “mum’s the word” disorder where they stay dumb whenever a key piece of information they’re privy to would probably alter the dire course of events they’re facing. It’s an old plot device and a terrible one.

    Andrea is, gah, seriously? Alright with the aquarium heads?

    I think Carl did the right thing…it seems like you’re saying he shouldn’t have locked up the total strangers until help arrives even though his party is currently made up of a one-legged old man, two kids (himself included), one admittedly badass survivor (Carol), and a creeper.

    I did indeed roll my eyes when Oscar was shut and think a similar thought, but I’m glad Tyreese is here since I thought Oscar was meant to be a Tyreese stand-in. Honestly, I can’t tell why the television show changes so many things…since they end up covering the same territory anyway in a different order. Glad they left out rape thus far…bugged that Glen seemed INCREDIBLY relieved that Maggie was “O.K.” since she so obviously wasn’t, neither of them were, but that unholy transgression is the stuff of television rules and regulations.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Not that he shouldn’t have locked them up, I think that was right. I guess I’m more tired of their constant knee-jerk reaction to do that with every human being they come into contact with. Or at least, not articulating why they are doing it. Like, hey, we’ve been through a lot, we’ve got a newborn, we’re just trying to protect ourselves, we’ll let you out after we’ve gotten to know you a bit.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Oh, okay, THAT, yes! As with several other instances in the show, the default conflict creator of staying mute despite a few friendly words being great way to break the tension is at work again. Agreed. Sorry!

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I thought they showed off their lack of budget real good, since Woodberry was suddenly a single street, lots of smoke and fog, and six or seven guys with guns. That crowd at the end was a bit sparse, too, so I guess everyone else slept through the raucous.

  • Francisco Ralha

    Unimpressive all the way.

    Michionne is a complete psycho here, in the comics her doing what she did to the Governor was perfectly justified but here the whole waiting on his room to murder him thing just makes her completely unsympathetic. Andreia is kinda dumb, Oscar died because now that they have Tyreese the “one-black-guy” slot is filled, and i can’t help but think that TV Governor up untill here is nothing else but a more ruthless and slightly deranged current-comics Rick. In the comic he was as close to a supervillain as it ever had, but on TV he was current Rick.

    And the introduction of Tyreese’s group was just sloppy as all hell. This series has just failed on capturing the essence of the comic. It needs more well-done character development, and less Zombie Ninjas and characters carrying the Idiot Ball at turns.

  • John Wao

    When Carl heard the screaming my first thought was uh-oh where’s Carol? Turned out it was Tyreese and his crew.

  • Grif

    Yeah i think T-dog and Oscar were just place holders for Tyrese. Hopefully they make the character memorable.

  • Megano!

    Andrea has been too far gone to be a good character for a good long while. Since she wouldn’t STFU about the guns last season, probably. I seriously hate her so much. It pisses me off a lot that she just threw Michonne aside for Governor humping. NOT COOL IN SO MANY WAYS.

  • Anonymous

    I gave up on Walking Dead 2 seasons ago. I realized I detested nearly everyone and that they depressed me. This is all that survives? The dumbest, the most vile and petty? Bah. Andrea is just living up to my desire to see her tumble into a pile of zombie sharks.

  • Jimmy Mackey

    I agree that Tyrese is a wonderful addition to the cast, but Michonne could handle half of the show if they just show her hacking walkers to bits. Michonne is so bad, she is ridiculously good. I look forward to more background info that shows her story of how she became such a machine. When my DISH coworker found out how much I paid for the DVDs every season, he convinced me to just get a DISH Hopper so I can record all of the seasons on its massive hard drive that stores up to 500 hours of HD shows. Now I watch them again to see what things I missed before the next episode comes out. The hiatus doesn’t seem so bad either with the first half of the season to watch again.

  • Eli Keel

    first off, big fan of your work.
    I’d like to read a really comprehensive essay from you about the gender roles in this show. I’d also like to see you unpack the rapethreat situations in detail. there’s been the stuff this season, and the shane/lori fiasco from the end of season one. i haven’t rewatched this show much yet, so maybe I’m missing some others. it’d be great to see it juxtaposed with the comic, and maybe some other “gritty” sci-fi/fantasy TV shows. maybe game of thrones? that show has tons of mixed messages and weirdness. I mean some kind of huge many thousands of words kind of thing. i’ve been following you since before you made the jump to Mary Sue, and I really value your ideas on this stuff. keep writing

  • Shard Aerliss

    A single street with a lot of very, very flat buildings.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Right on.

  • Shard Aerliss

    Mine too. I really didn’t want that. Carol’s husband was such a douche, I don’t want them going down the “always a victim” line.

  • Shard Aerliss

    Why do I keep seeing people incongruously talking about DISH all over the internet? Is just some serious viral ad campaign?

  • Shard Aerliss

    I didn’t watch a good chunk of S2, but then they started killing off all the characters I don’t like and improving some of the ones I didn’t care about either way. It’s still not a fantastic show over all, but some of the characters are getting interesting.

  • Shard Aerliss

    The entire show has been unimpressive, with the odd excellent moment. It’s improving; the two episodes previous to the finale were very good. I actually started looking forward to the next episodes.

    I really had to laugh when Oscar got shot. Did no one in production think “this might look a bit bad”?

    I was surprised that Michonne had so much trouble with the Governor. Sure, he’s a pretty big guy, well fed and rested but Michonne KICKS FREAKING ASS.

    I was disappointed that there wasn’t any discussion, really, on T-Dog’s sacrifice. A scene with Carol standing at his grave would have been enough to at least acknowledge what he did. Everything seems so rushed.

    And what the Hell is with these mid-season finales becoming so popular? Eugh.

    I’m loving Carol more with every episode though. Her put down of Axel after his blatant, awful come-on was beautiful. She’s my favourite female character and would be my favourite but, you know, Daryl! Please don’t kill Daryl, or if you’re going to kill Daryl then make it epic.

    Daryl and Merle, back together. Poor Daryl. I wonder if he remembers what an asshole is brother is?

    Maggie and Glen have suddenly become interesting. Nice prison shank, Glen! Maggie was very handy with it too. She didn’t give that guard a chance! Straight in the neck, rargh! And then not taking a moment to shoot Oscar in the head to stop him turning. Nice.

    Carl’s becoming more fun (I just wish the kid could emote a bit more…) and as said; is following his father’s examples. I hope he sees how much of a dick his father is becoming though. Oh, let’s point our guns at Michonne and take her sword because she, what? Ran off to do her own thing, like she said she wanted to? And when she first turned up, you treated her like crap even though she brought baby formula to you? Herschel needs to fill in for Dale a lot better and tell Rick he’s being an ass more.

    Why does everyone in this show want to kill everyone else? I understand the apprehension and distrust of strangers, but the “let’s kill everyone, ever” attitude seems to have replaced the “let’s all yell at each other all the freaking time” one. Tiresome. Find a new way to create tension already!

    What else? Oh yeah, Andrea. Meh, Andrea.

  • Tory Sights

    Did anyone else wonder why Rick didn’t get shot when we went crazy for a moment & wandered out in the open to stare at the corpse of the guy he hallucinated was Shane? Especially when Oscar had gotten shot just a few moments prior? That definitely made me go “Oh, come ON.”

    I’ll echo the others who are tired of Andrea. I haven’t liked her since the first season except for moments here & there.

    Maybe I should just read the comic. I’m enjoying the show, where others seem not to be, but from what I hear the comic is SO much better.

    Oh, and one final thought. To the people saying they’re not happy with the show because so many characters are stupid or morally questionable… I have yet to see good post-apocalyptic stories that don’t show that when society breaks down the people who make it might not always the good ones, but rather the ones willing to take & kill to stay alive – or that the reality of post-apocalyptic life might very well turn some people that way (Rick). I agree about the stupid part – there have been many times I’ve wondered how they expect us to believe these people would stay alive given some of their choices, but the other bit, that’s pretty standard for this genre.

  • gaman1

    I think it should be obvious to any watcher of the show why they feel the need to immediately separate themselves from any newcomers. To me, spelling this out again and again is unnecessary and I like when they don’t treat the audience as if they are incapable of figuring anything out on their own.

  • Anonymous
  • Holly Dean – Young

    However they have explained each time about the ‘everyone is infected’ thing which was confusing as I thought Angela already knew this, so explaining “sorry but the people with the guns are out so we are just going to put this large locked door between you and us until they get back” doesn’t seem unnecessary and would possible not seem quite so contradictory.

  • Alice Ruppert

    Thoughts on this episode:

    - Carl was awesome
    - Michonne was awesome
    (exception: You see a cage and you hear growls and you see a little girl chained up. Girl, you’ve heard enough Walkers to know that this isn’t the sound of a little girl asking for her daddy!)
    - The Daryl/Merle plot I find awesome, because I have NO idea whatsoever where they’re going with it as it wasn’t in the comics.
    - The Governor still looks like Stephen Moyer/Bill from True Blood
    - What the F**k, Andrea! Get your s*it together! Fish Tanks full of severed heads are ONE EFFING BIG RED LIGHT THAT YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH A PSYCHOPATH!

    - … Well, the comics.. (comic spoilers ahead/comparison with show)

    I get why they would not show the scenes between the Governor and Michonne exactly like in the comics. Hell, they were brutal in black and white stills, I don’t know if I could look at something like that in live action, even though I think I have pretty high splatter-tolerance by now.

    But the thing is:

    In the comics, Michonne’s reason to go back inside Woodbury and do what she did to the Governor is to get revenge for all the things of gruesome torture he inflicted on her.
    Why does she go back in the show? Well yes, he supposedly sent his men after her to kill her, but does she even know that? Yes, he kidnapped Maggie and Glenn, but what are they to her?

    What has Michonne seen of the Governor in the show to know that he is the psycho asshole that we as viewers and readers know him to be?