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The Walking Dead Recap: Say Michonne

Last week’s The Walking Dead was one hell of an episode, many said the best of the series to date, so how would the next episode compare? Well, we had a bit more violence, some crying, and we got to see Michonne smile for the first time. 

[Spoilers ahead!] We started with The Governor this week and an adorable family moment. I know sometimes it felt like my scalp was getting pulled off when my mom used to comb my hair but I’m sure this scene made a lot of women squirm. Surprise! The Governor’s daughter is a zombie and he’s pretending like she’s still alive!

Back at the prison, Rick completely loses it after finding out Lori died and goes on a rampage akin to Jack Torrence in The Shining. To be fair, he did a nice job of clearing out the prison, on the other hand, he’s lost his mind and we’re not sure if he’s going to get it back. Meanwhile, everyone else quickly starts planning how they’re going to feed the new addition to the family. Daryl and Maggie head out on his motorcycle to scout for formula and Glenn goes to work digging…three graves?

Hold up a second.

Last week T-Dog sacrificed his already lost self to let Carol escape a few zombies. The group found her head scarf and, while a lot was happening, no one looked for her. I assumed that would happen this week. Nope. No one mentioned Carol until 3/4 of the way through the episode and although no one has found a body or actually said she’s dead, they dug a grave for her and filled it in? This comes amidst Glenn and Hershel talking about how important they all are to each other so it totally makes sense. There’s apparently more to come though since they mention her in the preview for next week.

Anyway, Daryl and Maggie have a fairly uneventful trip out for the formula and Carl counts down the list of their dead friends as possible baby names!

Michonne is getting extra curious in Woodbury and decides to sneak into The Governor’s apartment to steal her katana back and do a little snooping. She reads his diary only to discover he too has gone off into Jack Torence territory and has pages and pages of nothing but slashes. She has to duck out when The Governor and his cronies return and finds herself in what appears to be the set of American Gladiators. A group of walkers are locked in a cage and because she’s been so bored lately, she let’s them out. And it’s pure joy seeing her work.

She’s caught after slicing the last walker up and The Governor still tries to sweet talk her into staying. Andrea is already loving having ice cubes again so she tries to convince Michonne to stay as well but Michonne has a bad feeling and decides she’s better off on her own anyway. That leaves Andrea to discover what the gladiator pit is for – fights between humans, surrounded by chained up walkers, for the entertainment of Woodbury residents. Andrea, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

We end the episode with what appears to be Rick finding the boiler room where Lori had the baby but I’m not entirely sure. There’s blood smears on the floor as well as what looks like Maggie’s knife but instead of finding a zombie Lori, which would have been terrible depressing/amazing, he finds some beer bellied zombie dude and proceeds to shoot it in the head and stab it repeatedly in the stomach (did it eat ALL of Lori?). And then a phone rings.

This episode would have ranked higher in my mind if it hadn’t followed last week’s amazing entry but it was a good one for sure. Michonne was absolutely the star of this episode and I hope we get to see her kicking more ass soon. Rick staying bonkers will be hard to watch so I hope something knocks him out of it soon. And for the love of god, someone find Carol so she doesn’t meet the same fate as her daughter.

Let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments and we’ll see you back here next Monday for another recap!

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  • Anonymous

    You know when I said I wouldn’t believe Lori was gone until I saw her corpse on fire I left a gaping loophole. The phone. The Crazy Phone. How could I forget? Ugh… I was almost certain we wouldn’t reach the Crazy Phone for at least another 2 seasons.

  • Anatasia Beaverhousen

    Carol better be alive, I don’t want another half season of the Sophia situation.

  • you guys

    Spoiler: Carol’s the one who dies in the comic, Sophia is alive and well (and Carl’s little girlfriend, instead of Hershel’s other daughter whose name nobody can remember.)

  • Mandy

    I haven’t watched this episode yet but I couldn’t hold off reading anyway. I can’t believe we are getting The Crazy Phone (lol) AND the Governer’s creepy daughter! I wasn’t sure how far the TV show would go with the ickycreepybad stuff that goes on once the Governer comes on the scene but man it sounds like S3 is pulling out the good stuff!

  • Charlie

    Greg Nicotero confirmed on the Talking Dead that the zombie in the boiler room did in fact eat Lori. He points out the bits of hair matted in the blood on the zombie’s face.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    I completely forgot about the Crazy Phone until it rang. Blew my mind.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Agreed, although I always figured Sophia was dead, that recent prisoner that “died” off camera makes me doubtful and tired of the gag.

  • Anonymous

    I am pretty sure that Carol is dead. In E5 a sad Daryl is seen placing one of those Indian flowers on her grave like he gave her when there was still hope that Sophie would be found alive.

    OK, what is a “Crazy Phone”? Help me out. I saw the scene at the end with the phone ringing but the reference to the “Crazy Phone” went over my head. Or was this just what Rick was imagining, further showing that he is now permanently “One step beyond”?

  • Anonymous

    I could call it The Phone of Auditory Hallucination if it makes things clearer, but that sounds like an item from an RPG…an awesome RPG.

  • Heidi Anne Ward

    Don’t ask about the Crazy Phone (loving the name coinage BTW) unless you want spoilers from the comic. I don’t think viewers are supposed to know, and at this point we can’t be sure the Crazy Phone will go the way it does in the books . . .

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Ok, Heidi! Thank You and Killer for your responses! I don’t mind spoilers too bad but you put it into perspective a little better for me.

  • Anonymous

    Must have been “that time”. Been there, done that, a few times, too.

  • Amanda LaPergola

    If they are going to name the baby after one of the dead characters, I hope they name her T-Dog.

  • Lynx

    Beth. At least I remember.

  • Emily Walton

    WARNING: MILD COMIC-BASED SPOILERS. I read the comics, and the thing with Michonne and the Governor is the whole reason I haven’t started watching the show, because I cannot stomach that again. I might have to follow these recaps and see how the show handles it, because if they handle it well I might try watching after all…

  • Shard Aerliss

    I really hope Carol’s not dead. She was growing on me through her friendship with Daryl. I love their friendship. A man and a woman being close friends on TV WITHOUT any lust being involved? Shocking! Unless Daryl turns out to be gay. That’d still be good, but not as good as a purely platonic relationship between two people that would normally be turned into a couple on TV.

    Why were there no zombie babies?! WHY!! Stupid possum, playing undead.