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The Walking Dead Recap: Killers Everywhere

Well now, that was certainly an episode… 

I wasn’t too fond of last week’s episode but what it lacked, they certainly made up for this week. [Spoilers ahead!]

We began with some shady happenings by persons unknown that had to do with zombies and a dead deer. But all that was quickly forgotten as Maggie and Glenn were having a lot of sex. I don’t blame them, there’s really nothing else to do. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew try and set up the exterior of the prison for a quick getaway should they need it. The two remaining prisoners show up and insist they can’t stay in that cell block a minute longer but Rick is insistent on them staying separate. T-Dog seems to be the only one who believes they could be valuable members of the group but he’s quickly overruled and they’re given the choice to leave the prison with a week’s worth of supplies instead.

Over in Woodbury (yes, we got to see both groups this week), Michonne inspects the town’s new army surplus and notices a few things are off. She knows The Governor is lying but he’s too busy trying to talk up her mad skillz to notice. Andrea decides to give Merle a lead on his brother’s whereabouts and he promptly tries to get in her pants. He’s keen to get on the road though but there’s one catch, The Governor won’t let him go. Although he tells him no in the nicest way possible.

All seems swell at the prison, they’re collecting wood to burn all the corpses and Hershel is making strides using crutches to get around, when oops, zombies appear inside the gates. No one knows how it happened but they quickly start popping off head shots. They’ve all gotten really good at this by the way. But it’s not just a few walkers, it’s a lot, and the crew scatters to find a safe spot from which to fight from. Unfortunately, they’re inside the prison doors as well. T-Dog and Carol take off in one direction, Hershel and Beth another. Together, Maggie, Carl, and Lori find themselves in the boiler room and of course, Lori goes into labor.

Now here’s where things get really bad. And by bad I mean, Carl gets a quick anatomy lesson. From his mom.

Lori immediately starts having complications with the labor and unfortunately, Maggie isn’t the one who trained  to help in this particular situation. Lori quickly realizes her time has come, she wants the baby to survive and the only way for that to happen is if Maggie performs a C-section. Considering how annoyed I’ve been with Lori for a while, this part got me misty. She says her goodbyes to Carl, tells him to take care of his father and new baby brother or sister and…Maggie cuts open her stomach. Lori passes out rather fast and Carl makes the executive decision to be the one to shoot her in the head.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, T-Dog gets bit to shreds by a walker in the midst of the attack and considering he knows his fate, gives Carol a chance to escape by storming towards a few zombies blocking their path. A moment of silence for T-Dog, please. So, how did this all start? Remember that prisoner Rick left for dead? He managed to survive and planned this whole thing to take back the prison. He fails miserably when prisoner Oscar shoots him in the head to save Rick. Guess they’ve got their new token black guy now. Seriously, that’s all I could think during that scene and that sucks.

This was one of my favorite episodes of the series so far, lots of action, and certainly lots of drama. Rick’s reaction when he sees Maggie and Carl emerge with the baby but no Lori was one of the most heart-wrenching things I’ve ever had to watch. If I had one bone to pick with this episode it would be that they didn’t allow The Governor to do anything evil. After the disturbing reveal last week, it seemed odd they would act as if nothing happened. I kept expecting him to shout “boo!” at any second. Did he poison Andrea’s whisky? Was someone waiting outside that door to block her path? Was The Governor going to grab her hair and yank her back in? No to all of those. I’m sure they’re not ready to reveal him as evil to our main cast just yet but it would have been nice to see another small aspect of his wicked ways.

Previously in this season’s recaps, I haven’t delved into the many differences between the TV show and the comic book for the sake of those who haven’t yet read it but I feel I have to here. I’m ok with how Lori went out but not that her and Rick didn’t have a reconciliation. I feel like we were a bit cheated there. But the thing that bugs me the most is Carl. In the comics, he’s the one shining beacon of innocence in the series. While everyone else is concerned with living from day to day, he’s playing husband and wife with Sophia. It’s one thing missing from the television series in my mind, a sense of hope. My only explanation is the young actor who plays Carl couldn’t stay young forever. In the comic, he’s still a little child when they reach the prison but the actor is growing up so the character must as well. I just wish everyone didn’t have to be so hard and jaded. It makes for a very depressing show.

Let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments and we’ll see you back here next Monday for another recap!

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  • brooke welty

    So, do we know that Carol is dead for sure? I know Darryl found her head thingie. But was there a death scene I missed or did she just get killed off screen?

  • Brandy Goodrick

    Just change out Merle’s name for Daryl’s up there and it’s a win :)

  • Brandy Goodrick

    we aren’t sure if she is dead or not. I think she made it out, and that’s why her scarf is on the ground outside the jail. T-Dog sacrificed himself to help in her escape the inside. But it all remains to be seen. You didn’t miss anything :)

  • Abby

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who had the “token black guy” thought.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    THAT was frustrating, but I’m also a bit annoyed that they did their best to make Lori an AWFUL character and she was never able to recover, so they offed her instead.

  • Anonymous

    Does this show have cap on the number of recurring black characters they’re allowed or something? They kill off a hell of a lot… It’s only Oscar and Michonne left and realistically Oscar’s life expectancy isn’t so great either.

    I know this recap calls him Dexter, but the wiki calls him Oscar. I don’t blame anyone for not knowing his name since he’s the new ‘barely a character’ character. Like, did anyone know that the prisoner that caused this episode’s crisis was called Andrew? Nope. He’s just “that prisoner Rick left for dead”. This is becoming a regular problem for the show.

  • Maliu

    I feel like the Governor is keeping people compliant by spiking their drinks. He & his researcher are always pushing drinks. If that’s true then his evil was passive but sinister.

  • Jodi Marasia

    I disagree that Carl was a beacon of innocence in the comic books did you forget about his early in the series execution (not shane)?

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Haha, fixed. Thanks.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    He killed Shane in defense of his father, and then he was basically fine.

  • Anonymous

    Being fine didn’t last for long though, Comic book Carl has been shown to be almost as cold and pragmatic as Rick can be. The show hasn’t changed how Carl is, it has just sped it up so that he ends up being hard and jaded a little faster.

  • Roel Veldhuyzen

    I totally agree. It is true that he can be a beacon of hope, playing house and all that, but he really has a dark side, and at times seems to be a total psychopath. And for a good while now he hardly seems to have any emotions at all.

  • Anonymous

    I think this was in reference to him killing the other kid early on because no one else would. He’s kind of been a twisted little so and so for a while

  • Jim

    On the Talking Dead, they did not list Carol as one of the characters that died last night, and Chris Hardwick even asked “where’s Carol?” which leads me to believe she is still alive.

  • Anonymous

    No one is mentioning that it seems the second you try to be the moral compass in the group you get ripped apart by zombies. Happened to Dale when he tried to get them to save what’s his butt (the kid they saved then tried to kill like 8 times). And now it’s happened to T-Dog. Seriously, don’t try to do the right thing or stick up for outsiders in this group or you are totally zombie food!

  • Anonymous

    Or is she going to end up like her daughter? Will they go to another cell block and she will be in there with a herd of walkers?

  • Anonymous

    This episode was a shining beacon of hope for the series compared to last weeks episode. I will say the character development of the secondary characters like Oscar and the other convicts really needs to be fleshed out a bit more. All of those not in the main group feel like they are just there to slowly become zombie fodder. Also as soon as T-Dog (RIP) I had an odd feeling and kept commenting on it. Then bam dead T-Dog. Afterwords I even told my wife, it made sense for him to die as they used up all of his lines for the rest of the season.

  • Anonymous

    This is the absolute worst case fan-theory I’ve heard from multiple people: Carl was never shown to shoot Lori. So maybe he shot a bullet to convince Maggie she’d been taken care of. After Carl and Maggie left, Carol, who heard the gunshot raced over there to revive and stitch up Lori so its all just one big fake out.

    That is 100% ridiculous, but I’m still rendered paranoid by the thought. Hence why I’m not throwing a “Lori Is Dead!” party until I see her corpse on fire.

  • Terence Ng

    And with a start in Atlanta, of all places…

  • brooke welty

    Uggghhhhh that -is- worst case scenario.

  • Camille Monae

    I am also disappointed but sadly not shocked, by the treatment of the black characters on this show. Perhaps the episodes are true to the comic in that way, which would make a little more sense, but honestly…
    I definitely felt like they just swapped out black men, because you know, they’re all the same.

  • Crystal Lynn

    I’ve read the comic and so I know how it went there, which was different. So in the TV scenario, did anyone else think WHY ON EARTH would you sacrifice yourself for your baby when a baby really is just a liability at this time? They cry, and you can’t always make them stop crying. That catches the attention of the walkers. And aside from that, who is going to provide nourishment now for this child? You have to find formula and good luck with that. So on and so forth. It’s far more help to choose yourself over a baby in this world and she is putting her son and husband (as well as the rest of the group) at risk by giving them a baby.

    Also, with the gun shot, that baby would have cried for sure. The fact that it barely cried at all …

    Anyway. These are just thoughts I have. :P

  • Whimsycle

    Lori is dead but Carl didn’t shoot her. Instead he aimed away from her and that’s why we didn’t see a head shot. Rick will find out she’s not in the boiler room and will come face to face with her. He’ll have to shoot her all-the-while blubbering and crying, talking about how he messed up etc, etc.. Carol will be found two episodes later, alive, because it will have to be dragged out just like they did with Sophia.
    Did anyone else wonder how they were going to feed a baby in an all male prison?

  • Anonymous

    RIP T-Dog. What a complete waste of an interesting character, especially now that Merle is back in the picture. Could have really elevated things for T-Dog in the story. Honestly, why have black characters at all if you’re just gonna have them die senselessly brutal deaths for no reason? Why not just go ahead and whitewash everything?

  • Warburton MacKinnon

    My major problem with the baby subplot,and Lori dying, would be that by making the choice she made,it’s quite likely she all but condemmed her child to a death by starvation(haven’t noticed a whole lot of milk,or milk substitutes being around since the left the farm,have you?). They have no farm animals,and it hasn’t been shown that there are any dehydrated/evaporated milk,or milk in a can options available,nor is a prison going to have similac..just ended up being a stupid choice by Lori, I mean yes she was in labor,and their were complications..but I am not sure time dictated such a all or none choice that quick(labor often lasts hours or even a full 24 hours, to make the irevocable choice for a quick and dirty C-section 15 minutes into a labor just seems stupid and short sighted,also doesn’t this now mean that someone else is now stuck trying to care for a baby..and the only other woman with past expierince Carol might be dead to boot). Loved the episode except for the Lori sub-plot, at least that won’t be an issue any longer,but her death seems to have robbed the birth of being a hopefull sign of things possibly improving.

  • Chaka ♥

    Robert Kirkman confirmed that Lori is dead in an interview (either on EW or TVLine)

  • Kam Gates

    In response to the final paragraph. I thought they made good choices in how to use Carl in this episode. While he may have been younger at this point in the comic, he had also been the one to kill the HUMAN Shane. I saw a parallel between the two. Protecting his father in one and dealing with his mother’s sacrifice in the other. Both to me meant coming of age in this new world. Of the two, I found the TV show’s to be more poignant.