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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


The Mary Sue Would Like You To Watch Violet & Daisy With Us in New York City!

Come on, you know you want to sit down and watch a movie with The Mary Sue staff. We promise not to talk or text. Or tweet. Or try to update the site.

The Mary Sue wants to invite you to an exclusive New York City screening of Geoffrey S. Fletcher‘s Violet & Daisy, a surreal action comedy drama… okay, it’s a fun, weird movie about two teenage hitwomen (Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel) and the job that changes their lives. We’re partnering with Bond Influence to host an exclusive screening of the film in just a few weeks, complete with snacks, drinks, and a Q&A with Geoffrey Fletcher himself, and we want you to be there.

In a minute I’ll tell you how you can get there, but first, the important spacetime details. If you can’t make it to this place at this time, you probably shouldn’t enter! (And if that’s the case then please don’t enter! You wouldn’t want to make our lives difficult, would you?)

Location: Meet at the Apartment, at 101 Crosby Street NY, NY 10012
Date: Monday, June 3rd
Time: 7PM – 10PM
Bond Influence says: “We’ll open the doors at 7PM, guests can come, grab a glass of wine or a soft drink, along with oatmeal cookies and a very abundant candy spread (we’ll even have Violet and Daisy branded lollipops), and get comfortable. The screening itself will start promptly at 7:30PM. Following the event, we’ll have the writer and director, Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher there for a Q&A.”

So Here’s How to Come to Our Screening

Make a comment on this post that begins with the word:


Using a Disqus account that’s linked to your email address. (We’re having you say ENTRY! so that folks can also just generally talk in here if they like.) Some folks sign in through Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites: make sure your email address is available in your Disqus profile! We will choose the first X number of commenters, where X is equal to a number that we haven’t worked out exactly yet, but that’s going to be greater than thirty, so comment away, no matter how many have come before! If you’d like to bring one (1) guest, indicate that in your comment.

Three Very Important Things

  • Because we know things pop up at the last minute (TARDIS shows up on your doorstep, you volunteer as tribute, you get your letter to Hogwarts, we know how it is), and we want to offer this opportunity to as many people as possible, we’ll be adding lots of people to the list. This means that you should show up on time. Being on the list means you can get in, but not that you will if you arrive too late.
  • Your commenting account must link to a valid contact email address for you or you will be disqualified. We will be contacting all winners by email once they are randomly chosen. You must respond promptly to our email or you may not get on the list in time for the screening.
  • At the moment we’re not sure if Meet will be checking IDs for age restrictions (wine will be served, after all). We’ll have to get back to you on that one and we’ll update this post when we know. Fear not, under 21s, this event is open to all ages, though the movie’s probably at least a PG-13 for violence, kiddos.

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  • evergreenminty


  • evergreenminty

    ENTRY! (and a +1)
    Sorry if double post >_<

  • Adrian

    I live in Manhattan and would love to see the movie, +1 guest! :)

  • Anonymous

    (oh edit: +1 guest)

  • Rebecca Brewer

    Entry +1! This sounds like it could be potentially be a really fun movie. :)

  • kazenotaninonaussica

    ENTRY! Whee!

  • Ashley Warren

    ENTRY! +1 (but I can ditch them if need be :D)

  • Molly Muldoon

    I’d love to see this movie and as I JUST moved to NYC, I’d also like the chance to meet like-minded awesome people. :)

  • Anonymous

    Man, I wish. Curse you, Canadian residencyyy!

  • redpens


  • thelocabat

    Entry +1 pls! :)

  • Willow

    entry +1 please!

  • Anonymous

    ENTRY +1

  • JKPolk

    Entry + 1 Please! YAY!

  • Kayla Kisenwether


  • JKPolk

    ENTRY +1– YAY!

  • Chelsea

    ENTRY! +1 please :D This sounds like an all-around good time.

  • DJRM

    That sounds awesome but I live in Chicago.

  • Robert


  • Hillary Meredith

    Entry +1 if possible!

  • Korey

    ENTRY! +1 if possible. I’d love to see this movie!

  • Ash


  • Lindsey

    ENTRY! +1 please. Thanks!

  • Megan Clegg

    Entry! +1

  • Rebecca Hytowitz

    ENTRY (+1 if possible)

  • Nicholas


  • Maureen Abell


  • Matthew Clark

    ENTRY! +1
    (I presume The Mary Sue Crew has this in a wheelchair-accessible venue, yes?)

  • kini

    Entry! *crosses fingers*

  • Shania Sanchez

    Entry, yo.

  • Ellen

    ENTRY! This sounds like awesome fun!

  • LizbethAnne

    Entry! +1 if possible.

  • Georgette


  • Pam

    Entry +1

  • Anonymous


  • Acacia O’Connor

    ENTRY! :)

  • Anonymous

    ENTRY! +1

  • Marlena M. Matute Hall

    ENTRY!!! Plus one.

  • K. Carey


  • Jason Adams

    ENTRY! +1

  • Oneris


  • Myomorph

    Am i the only one who CAN’T say the “E” word? Unless Mary Sue could help fund for a ticket halfway across the world. SADFACE.

  • Lauren M. Lopez

    Entry!! +1 Mmmmmm. Candy!

  • Sun Tea

    ENTRY :) +1

  • Richard Huang


  • Bridget Z

    ENTRY! +1

  • Rob Andersin

    This is a Movie you can’t make in Hollywood often it’s mor elite a ideally suspect and boondocks saints alive that wont play by the rule Hollywood cause its to busy being a great film

  • Anonymous

    Entry! +1

  • Preeti

    Entry + 1
    (Hope it’s not too late!)

  • Molly Jackson

    Entry! plus a guest if I can. Thanks for doing this!

  • Faye

    ENTRY! +1

  • berta

    ENTRY (is it too late?)

  • Ali Colluccio

    ENTRY! pleeeeeease :)

  • Kelly Larnach

    Entry plus one, please!

  • Angel Rodriguez

    ENTRY!!! I want to see this film badly!

  • Melissa Spero

    This sounds like an off-beat and possibly interesting flick.

  • Anna Folarin


  • Anna Folarin


  • Kathryn Thomson


  • hailey


  • Sean Graham


  • Charlotte Varlet


  • Michael ONeil


  • Wilson Mercado Jr.


  • Wilson Mercado Jr.


  • Serena


  • Serena

    ENTRY! +1?

  • Anonymous

    My friend got a confirmation already but I haven’t. Does this mean you don’t want me there?

  • Daisy Martinez

    ENTRY! + 1