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Allow us to explain.

Not all that glitters is gold

‘Tis the Season to Put Vincent Price’s Face on Your Finger

If there’s one thing that Tumblr is saying to me loud and clear right now, it’s that if it’s past Labor Day and not November yet, that means it must be Halloween. And what’s a better Halloween accessory than the sterling silver head of your favorite B-movies star? Unfortunately, apparently there are only three of these out there.

(Indiegogo via Neatorama.)

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  • Anonymous

    If I got 10 of these, could I be Edward VincentPriceHands?

  • Important Film Maker

    I will find this and save it as an engagement ring. If she’s as into it as I am, I’ll know she’s the one.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Every Halloween my girlfriend asks if I found another Vincent Price movie yet. If not, she asks when exactly we’re watching The Raven and if we’re gonna try to squeeze any of the other ones we’ve got in.

  • Anonymous

    Who do I sell my soul to so I can have one?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s gorgeous!