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Bloody Good Fun

We’re Really, Really Excited For Vikings Season 2 [VIDEO]

Rebecca got me into History’s Vikings after telling me it was not, as many believe, a Game of Thrones copy, and describing its awesome lady characters. I quickly fell down the Season 1 hole and started absentmindedly braiding my hair like Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha. Season 2 premieres this Thursday at 10/9c (full episodes of Season 1 are on History’s site if you want to catch up) but History was nice enough to send The Mary Sue screeners of the first few episodes. Rebecca and I are currently fangasming out with each other and will have more coverage soon. Until then, check out this cool teaser History put together which includes all the main characters and a brief look at a new addition, King Ecbert, played by none other than Bruce Wayne’s dad, Linus Roache.

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  • Vic Horsham

    Okay I’m loving the little nods to the gods they gave each character in that teaser.

  • Aeryl

    If Lagertha does not kick Ragnar’s ass, I will quit watching.

  • kinoumenthe

    How on earth do you absentmindedly braid your hairs like THAT ?
    I want to know.
    So I can absentmindedly do it too.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone around me loves that show, but I couldn’t get past the first few episodes because I can’t stand to watch anything rapey.

  • Anonymous

    Lagertha, please kick Ragnar’s ass. Also, please become bffs with Athelstan and have a bff affair just to screw over your jerk husband.

    Also, Floki. Aaaall the Floki.

  • Amanda Allen Douglas

    Is this more Lorde? Oh Lord.
    (I’m sorry).

  • Aeryl

    I empathize I do, and I also appreciate that since Ragnar is our “hero”, that’s the one line they haven’t had him cross. Rollo, who raped Floki’s slave in the first ep, has been pretty much shown to be the WORST, and Lagertha lays a much loved beatdown on a Viking she finds raping an English woman on her first raid.

    And the Earl’s daughter delivers some lovely vengeance on her husband/rapist too.

    It is rapey, because Vikings, hello, but it’s also shown to be serious and not practiced by everyone.

  • Aeryl

    Also, excited to Siggy is still around. Hopefully her and Lagertha can plot to bring down Ragnar!

  • Aeryl

    I imagine Ragnar’s going to head home, expect to install his new wife as his queen, and the village, who just went through that terrible plague with Lagertha holding them all together, is going to go, “No, SHE’S our queen” and he’s gonna have to bring that to a resolution.

    And pleasepleaseplease, don’t have Lagertha play all jealous ex wife with whatsherface. It’s not her fault Ragnar’s a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Siggy. She lost her husband, her sons, her daughter…I can’t say I blame her for being a little jealous after all that.

    BUT! I agree with you. The village better side with Lagertha, who was there and went through the plague with them and who suffered losses, just like them, instead of siding with Ragnar, who went off to do…not that.
    Wonder how he’ll take the death of his daughter…

  • Aeryl

    Probably with a shrug. She wasn’t one of those vaunted sons he was promised by the gods(it’s obvious to me that his “son” Bjorn is actually Rollo’s from one of the three way trysts they enjoy earlier in their marriage, which is why he’s so hung up on this).

    And I wasn’t referring to Siggy, whom I love, but Ragnar’s new girl, who’s name escapes me. I don’t want Lagertha playing the scorned woman to HER, because she had nothing to do with what Ragnar did, IMO.

    I don’t want Siggy to end with Rollo, because Rollo is THE WORST EVER. But I love her, I love that she’s there showing that badass doesn’t just mean “can kill you with a sword” but that it can mean, cunning and caring, appearing weak to be strong.

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is, that’s probably the reaction I’m expecting. *sigh* Jerk.
    (I like this theory of yours. Bjorn is too nice to be Ragnar’s son.)

    Ohhh…my apologies, I misunderstood (Siggy is great). But I absolutely agree with you on that. I think her name is Aulslag or something like that. And it really isn’t her fault Ragnar is a terrible person and a bad husband, we barely know her. I hope Lagertha takes her completely justified anger out on Ragnar. Preferably with swords.

  • Aeryl

    The niceness comes from being Lagertha’s son. The stupid comes from being Rollo’s(which Ragnar’s has said a few times).

    Didn’t you just LOVE, in this episode after Ragnar kills the Earl, and Siggy comes to see Lagertha, Bjorn tries to get all agro with her, and Lagertha SHUTS THAT DOWN. I love her!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Rollo….I look forward to seeing more of your stupid this season.

    That episode was great :D Lagertha is best mom. Though I gotta wonder how she’ll deal with the ultra puberty that Bjorn apparently went through between seasons…

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I didn’t say I did it *well* :)

  • Anonymous

    I just can’t get into shows with that much rape. It’s a thing for me. I don’t think historical accuracy is really necessary in issues such as rape, sexism, or racism. I think we can reinterpret media to avoid things we still have to deal with in day to day life.

  • Aeryl

    Well, the point I was trying to get across, is considering the time, there isn’t that much rape. Three specific instances across a twelve episode season in a show that should have as much rape as a show like Starz’ Spartacus, it has been reinterpreted to take a lot of that stuff out.

    I am pretty much to the point to where I don’t want it in my media, unless the show intends to address it. Things like Starz’s Spartacus, where slavery, rape and oppression are the reasons the show exists, or Dollhouse, that explores things like consent, identity, and oppressive structures.

    It’s been used in some pretty reprehensible ways, mainly to move plot or establish character, like that Rollo is the WORST, or why Siggy finally turned against the Earl, or to show that Lagertha is a badass who won’t hold to that shit. But the show could have been so much more egregious about it.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of love watching teasers for shows I know nothing about. Why is there a flapping chicken??? Does the plot feature the tattoo dude’s nipple so much it warranted it’s own long shot? Where can I get an exploding shirt? I have so many questions!

  • Anonymous

    Hey I watched the show and even I’m not sure about the chicken

  • Anonymous

    I’ve found this discussion of the symbolism (including the rooster) in a few places, but saw it first at IGN:

    Horik’s eye also goes vertical-pupil in the teaser, which I hadn’t noticed before… can’t not see it now, though.

  • Anonymous

    Ooh, thanks for that link. Awesome, rooster of the apocalypse.

  • Anonymous



    Oh man, Ragnar’s gunna have hell to pay for bringing home a new, pregnant wife. It was kinda custom for vikings kings to do that, but they usually wouldnt install them as new queens, just keep them to the side as extra baby makers….we shall see how each of those girls take that though.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t notice he had no hand first viewing and then I was like