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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Video Game Characters Reimagined

An artist identifying his/herself as Agent Melon has drawn up some really groovy renderings of some of our favorite video game ladies (plus a few friends). Here are a few choice selections.

First, “Dr. Harley Quinzel”:

Princess Peach as a scientist and Super (Buff) Mario

Pinup Princess Peach

A full-sized version of the top pic


And, just for fun, “Space Ranger”

See Agent Melon’s full gallery at deviantArt.

(Comics Alliance)

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  • Cory Lynn

    I love these.

    If Agent Melon has no pronoun preference, you could always use the gender neutral “hirself” or “zirself”, too.

  • Kifre

    I always liked gender neutral ‘yo’ :)

  • Nicki

    OMG Harley is so adorable!!! <3