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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Clever Girl

Utahraptor Goes for Walkies in Melbourne

No, we’re not talking about this utahraptor, unfortunately, but it’s still a pretty cool utahraptor.

What’s not cool is the budget cuts at Jurassic Park Melbourne that have reduced the animal park’s handlers to transporting their specimens on foot, with such minimal security. Someone could be hurt, or worse, the dinosaur might be injured!

Fun fact: one of the founders of Melbourne was a guy named John Batman, and he wanted to name the place “Batmania.”

(via ion.)

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  • Christopher LaHaise

    I love these things – I wonder if they’ll update them over time to match more ‘accurate’ depictions of the animals?  :)

  • Anonymous

    My inner child is SO HAPPY right now!! :D I wanna pet it…..

  • Val Duvivier

    This is freaking awesome. My inner wanna-be-paleontologist-when-I-grow-up is squelling like a loon.

  • Anne

    As a former street actor for a Halloween event, scaring people trying to take your picture/pose with you was one of the best parts of the job.  That puppet is brilliant, I bet the man controlling it had some much fun.

  • Anonymous

    Suddenly I am eight again and THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER EEEEEEEEEEE!

  • Nicole Kiser

    All I can think is “Why is this man not wearing black pants?” lol.. seriously, the blue jean pants really distracted me.

    Otherwise it was REALLY cool :D