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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Officially Official

Ohio Makes Out the Proudest in United States of Shame Map

Yes, for while other states might have the worst taxes, the most identity theft, the highest unemployment or the longest daily commute, the state that I went to college in is the nerdiest. And that ain’t no shame. Wired attempted to uncover what exactly might have earned Ohio this particular honor, and their best guess is that Ohio has the highest library visits per capita of any state in the U.S. (almost seven).

(via Pleated Jeans via GeekMom.)

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  • Anonymous

    As a former Ohioan, I always assumed the state’s “shame” was assholes and/or drunken fratboys.

  • Prophet in Reverse

    My experience in the Marine Corps (with its high Ohioan population) would have lead me to believe the same. I would never have guessed that there were libraries in Ohio.

  • ZADL

    Speaking as a current and pretty much lifelong Ohio resident, it really depends on where you go. Central and Northeastern Ohio are pretty nerdy, as are pockets of the southeast, but the western bits are kind of a loss.

  • Erincb87

    Huh. As a Missouri native, I’d have thought we’d rank up there for “dumbest state,” since half the population can’t even pronounce the name of the state correctly. But then again, I guess if your problem is bankruptcy, you can’t be all that intelligent anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Having lived most of my first 25 years in Ohio…this seems more likely than a state of bookworms…

    I’m also wondering how I could go so wrong, moving from a state of nerds to a state of drug addicts.

    Also: LOL at Utah. I’m guessing that “shame” goes for most of SE Idaho too, considering the similar, uh, demographic.

  • Cori B

    I don’t feel like people are particularly nerdy here. I mean my science teacher dressed up as a Jedi but that was for a little kids’ presentation….
    As for libraries, the Westerville Public Library and all the Discovery Place Libraries are amazing.
    From my library event page
    “Mondo Manga: During this monthly series, fans and followers will not only discuss
    Manga and recommend favorite titles, they’ll also watch anime clips, get
    ideas for cosplay outfits and more”
    And public school has yaoi manga so maybe we are geeks.

  • Null

    I’d guess the nerdiest state would be Massachusetts. Half the state works for a university. Heck, I once saw the exact same Eileen Fisher ad in NYC and Boston–but in Boston, they had *put glasses on the model*.