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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Today in Awesome

Underscore This: We’re @TheMarySue, On Twitter!

It was a long journey, and may lives were lost, but we are victorious! What was this epic battle you ask? Claiming @TheMarySue on Twitter. Allow us to explain our journey through GIFS. 

When I first started at The Mary Sue, I asked Susana why we had the Twitter name @The_MarySue and not the more sensible @TheMarySue. This was her response:

And then I was like, “But can’t we…” And Susana was like:

Turns out, someone else already had that user name and wasn’t really using their account. So it’s understandable Susana felt like this:

So I resigned myself to this:

But this afternoon came a surprise…@The_MarySue username was no more! Susana had tweeted the message above saying we were officially @TheMarySue! But she didn’t tell me before she told all of you so I was like:

But that was only for half a second because then Susana and I were all…

And I’m sure when Rebecca finds out tomorrow she’ll be like…


…follow us @TheMarySue. :)

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  • Bagel Garrison

    Best. Story. Ever.

  • Anonymous

    lol, more stories should be told like this.

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I love story time.

  • DJRM


  • iamuhura

    Except…it doesn’t really tell the story of *how* you secured the account. Did Twitter help you? Or did you purchase it from the other user?

  • Chanel Diaz

    Don’t you just HATE it when People Squander a Good Name. It’s great you got The Mary Sue, you guys deserve it. And Thank You to the Original Owner, possibly… for giving it up??? …You never explained that part of the story.

  • Amy W

    That happened to me, too– I’ve got this username, Rockinlibrarian, that I have used EVERYWHERE for the past decade or so, and I went to join Twitter and it was TAKEN, by someone who had never tweeted and was following one account! Grouchily I tacked a “1″ onto the end. Then months later I decided to see if the other Rockinlibrarian had DONE anything with it yet and they were GONE, and I was way, way too joyous about claiming my own name back.

  • Anonymous

    I think they hired a secret cabal of ninja pirates to assassinate the previous owner. Don’t cross The Mary Sue.

  • Larissa

    But how did you make it happen? I want it to happen for me…

  • Andrew Kapellusch

    Amazing! Great Gifs!

  • Becca C.

    So. AWESOME!

  • Anonymous