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Watch David Tennant and Arthur Darvill In The Trailer For Broadchurch

Fair warning, there’s nothing about time or space travel in this trailer, in fact, it’s pretty heavy crime material. The reason we’re posting the trailer for the eight-part drama series Broadchurch is because it stars Doctor Who actors David Tennant and Arthur Darvill. Technically it stars another Doctor Who actor, Olivia Colman (and well, probably more because tons of British actors have been on the show), but I’m gonna go ahead and make a while assumption and say many will tune in for the two fellas. The series will air on BBC America later this year.

(via Deadline)

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  • Oliver Kealey

    ITV, not BBC.

  • karrock

    Airing on ITV in the UK, BBC America in the US.

  • Calum Syers

    Usually I’d squee at David and Arthur, but instead, it’s Olivia that I’m squee-ing for. She’s one of the best actors working in Britain today. See, for examples of her imense talent, Tyrannosaur. She gave the best performance – by a long, long way – of last year, imo.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    No worries! I meant to write BBC America in the headline initially and left off the second word. Glad so many people came to the rescue of ITV though, haha!

  • Nicholas Santasier

    At about 9 seconds, that looks an awful lot like another DW alum: David Bradley!

  • Erin Treat

    Well I’m excited for this, but that was an awfully cheesy trailer. It felt like it was for a lifetime special or something. Who thought that was a good idea? I’m sure the show will be much better than this made it look though.

  • Elissa Newton

    Not to mention Arthur Darvill at about 34. Yeah Rory!

  • Erin Carr

    Plus Mr. Filch! (David Bradley-he was in the Dinosaurs on a Spaceship episode of Doctor Who as well).