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Bloody Good Fun

Top 10 Reasons to be an Irresponsible Adult and Attend a Midnight Premiere

I’m a gainfully employed adult who must arrive at the office by 8AM every day of the week. It’s a fact of life that doesn’t always mesh well with my inner nerd who loves to stay up until 2AM watching 80s movies or an entire season of a TV show in one sitting.

These days there are very few occasions in which I break my strict 10:30 PM bedtime. But, there’s one sacred event that happens a couple times a year.

The glorious midnight premiere.

Here’s 10 reasons to shun responsibility and attend a midnight premiere:

  1. The anticipation of seeing your favorite book turned movie (see, The Hunger Games, The Harry Potter Series) on the big screen is *almost* on par with waiting for the next book to come out. There will never be another Hunger Games book, but I won’t let that dampen my joy for seeing each of the books adapted.
  2. The fandom comes out in full-force for a midnight premiere. There’s something special about sitting in a room with 300 other Batman fans just waiting to see if it will meet your expectations.
  3. Avoiding social media spoilers can most easily be achieved through being the first of your friends to see the flick. Be warned though: Don’t be the jerk-off that gives away a major plot element or change in a status update.
  4. Reusing your Halloween costume or better yet, strategically plan next year’s Halloween costume so that you can wear it again to another midnight premiere!
  5. Buying tickets online has made one of my favorite midnight premiere traditions go extinct: waiting in line for 5 hours before the show to buy your tickets. While this may no longer be necessary, I still show up several hours early to all my midnight premieres in reverence of this tradition.
  6. Spot number six is reserved for people who show up with blankets and pillows. I’ve seen this and I have to admit that I’m not brave enough to try it myself. It looks gloriously comfy though.
  7. Eating popcorn at 1AM has a special place in my heart and my stomach. Is it just me or is the popcorn saltier, warmer and fresher in the middle of the night?
  8. Next time you’re sitting at a midnight premiere, waiting for the movie to begin, just remember this: At this moment in time, literally hundreds and thousands of people are doing the exact same thing. It’s nearly a spiritual thought, isn’t it?
  9. If you’re the responsible adult who attempts to go to work the next morning, here’s to you and your midnight premiere hangover. It’s kind of fun coding with a popcorn coma anyway.
  10. PTO. Paid time off is glorious. If it wasn’t made for the midnight premiere hangover, I don’t want to know what it’s really for.

Elizabeth Giorgi is a writer and filmmaker from Minneapolis. She blogs about mixing life as a nerd with her career at In 2010, she was nominated for a Webby and won an Emmy for Science of Watchmen. Follow her on Twitter: @lizgiorgi

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  • Rusty Patti

    #1 reason for taking the grand kids with you and letting them miss school the next day – In ten or twenty years they won’t remember their perfect attendance in 7th grade but they WILL remember the time(s) you kept them up past midnight watching movies and eating pop corn.

  • Being Geek Chic

     I love that you do that – so sweet!

  • Christina Scott Sayer Grey

    Oh yeah to #4. My Effie Trinket costume is getting a trial run on Thursday!

  • Anonymous

     You are definitely in the running for best grandparent ever! 

  • Heather Anderson

    Two of my best movie going experiences came from midnight movie showings: Toy Story 3 and Batman The Dark Knight. There was so much excitement in the air it’s electric.

    And during Toy Story 3, it is far more exciting to shed tears with a theater of people who completely understand why it means so much to you. A theater full of blubbering idiots is totally worth the “crying hangover” the next morning.

    Oh, and the spontaneous applause. It’s always magical when that happens.

  • Kaitlyn Clark-Bidgood

    My step dad took my sister, a friend of mine and I to the premiere of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. We brought treats and cards for while we sat in line, as well as a towel each. It was the first premiere for my younger sister, friend and I, and we had never even contemplated the enormity of conventions or cosplaying yet, so bringing a towel to the movie theater (even for this) seemed almost embarassing… Until we saw how many people showed up in pyjamas! It was amazing, and has made me love premieres ever since.

  • ChampagneThurs

    Best midnight showing I have ever attended was Return of the King – went with a group of friends, all dressed as elves.  People dressed as members of the Fellowship and Ring Wraiths staged sword fights at the front of the theater.  I have never experienced such an atmosphere of excitement!

    Haven’t been to a midnight premiere since Crystal Skull, and it looks like I won’t be making it to the Hunger Games at midnight either – I teach an 8am class on Fridays and my dept’s grad students are hosting a recruitment event on Friday evening.  Boo.

  • Anonymous

    My best midnight premier was probably for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. My friends and I made butterbeer (vanilla vodka, butterscotch schnapps & ginger ale), all kinda dressed up, and it was so amazing to look over at one point and realize that all six of us were sobbing for the exact same reasons (along with most of the rest of the theater).

    I want to go with them to the Hunger Games this week, but the theater we go to is way out in Queens and I don’t get off work in Manhattan until 11pm. I just won’t make it.

  • Anonymous

    My very first midnight showing was The Two Towers, till this day, it remains the most amazing midnight premier I ever went to, maybe because it was my first, maybe because it was before the “midnight premier” was a real thing, and only the die hard fans went, maybe because there was a sword fighting competition that spontaneously broke out in the parking lot… I dunno, but it was some kinda magic :)

  • coolfrogger728

    Midnight premieres are one of life’s true delights.
    Any event involving a giant horde of like-minded nerds is great.

  • Anonymous

    Deathly Hallows 2 was incredible. I was never too impressed by the movie adaptaions (being something of a book purist), but the level of sheer joy contained in one cinema was a glory to behold. And when the credits started rolling someone held up a wand and yelled ‘mischief managed!’ and my life was complete.

  • Addie/Annie D

    This is funny because I’ve just found out that I won two passes to the Hunger Game midnight screening and my 14 year old sister can’t go even though I went to my first movie marathon when I was 13 which was rather crazy and that didn’t start till 1am! 

    He also demands that I take my Mum with me… I’m 21 this year. I think … He’s just losing his marbles. 

  • Chakacoaster

    It’s worth it. I don’t care how tired I am the next day. Being amongst the first and most dedicated fans to see a movie I’ve been DYING for is worth every second of exhaustion the next day.

  • Lisa M

    My first midnight experience was Star Wars Episode 3… sya what you want to about the movie now, the experience was amazing. i was a senior in high school and my mom had NEVER let me stay out late or do anything like that on a school night. We went 6 hours early, were the first people in line for our theatre, and played Risk in line :) Then we all stayed up another hour at steak and shake after the movie complaining about it :P
    I can remember something memorable and great about every midnight movie i’ve ever been to since then.  It’s a great experience that i really love, and while i managed to score thursday night 7:30 early showing tickets so i don’t have to do midnight, i’m actually a bit bummed about missing the midnight crowd! 

  • Talia

    I love the energy and excitement of a midnight premiere. The fans are so much fun and so excited, and you never have to worry about talking or noise during the movie because everyone is so reverent. My entire department from work went to the midnight showing of Deathly Hollows last year. My boss, who was with us, let us come in late! If it weren’t for the fact I now have a job that starts super early in the morning, I’d be at the midnight showing of Hunger Games.

  • Being Geek Chic

    All of your insights are so great! I added to them my list of awesome reasons to attend a midnight premiere over at my blog, Being Geek Chic. Check it out here: 

  • Francesca M

    I’ve done a number of midnight premieres. Its been a while though. I think my last one was Return of the King. Though my favorite was Independence Day. Not because of the quality of the movie, but that was because when I walked in and then I saw literally everyone I used to hang out with in high school, we were all home at the same time and had no idea. It was just like ‘HEY!!!!!!!’ all in all an awesome night.

  • Julie Allen

    i started attending the midnight premieres with HP: HBP and I love them.  So many nerds, all of one mind, so there is no talking during the movie, no phone calls… instead there is spontaneous cheering and clapping, everyone screaming and/or crying at the same parts… it’s glorious.  And I love the fandoms… some show up in costume, some show up in pajamas, and there is just such love (or so I like to think) because, for those few hours, we are all brought together by a common bond.

  • Tiffany ღ

    Getting ready to go to the Hunger Games premiere dressed as Katniss, mockingjay pin and all!