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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

hold on to your butts

Watch Tom Hiddleston Talk About His Love Of Jurassic Park And Do A Velociraptor Impression

I cannot accurately describe what this video is doing to me. All I’ll say is if you like Thor/The Avenger’s Tom Hiddleston, you’ll love him after this. And if you love him already well, I apologize in advance. Watch, if you dare, as the actor talks about when he first saw Jurassic Park, how “real” dinosaurs are so much cooler, and…hear his raptor impersonation.

(via Dance With Zombies)

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  • Paige Chartrand

    …Oh…my…God…that is ADORABLE! <3

  • Lily

    Lovely human being

  • Frodo Baggins

    AHAHAHA AMAZING! God damn I am mancrushing on this dude.

    Steve, you gotta put him in JP4.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Best idea ever.

  • Anna B

    I like how he just rolled that out all of a sudden.  Like, “No, I won’t show you that clip… no, I’d never show you… oh, alright. Here goes.”

  • Dee

    Cutest raptor EVER! 

  • Marissa

    He really is fantastic

  • Anonymous

    This should be put into the National Archives!
    And if it was possible for me to love this man any more I would, but it isn’t, so I can’t…
    But DAMN!

  • John Wao

    Why do I get the feeling he would be great in a comedy.

  • Anonymous

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  • Maxwell LaChance

    Why does he keep proving to be my favoritest person ever?

  • Marie

    That made me feel warm & fuzzy inside. :-D

  • Mark Brown

    The veLokiraptor.

  • Anonymous

    That man has good taste in movies. I approve. :)

  • Riley Sailer

     Only if he is the leader of the velociraptors.

  • Steamgirl

    I kind of just had to curl up into a little ball of warm feels after I saw this. I like old-fashioned geek out on this guy.