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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things to Do With Your Kids

Artist Makes Your Childhood Icons Twisted and Nightmare-Inducing

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Or not, in some cases. We know from Sylvain Sarrailh‘s previous set of illustrations that, while he’s good at reimagining childhood favorites in such a way as to make them completely terrifying (Ariel), a lot of his illustrations are just… pretty damned awesome, full-stop. To wit: His take on The Legend of Zelda. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s the first one behind the cut, and you definitely want to see it.

(via: Kotaku)

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  • Tiny Tina Booom

    They’ve gained my eternal love with the Ulysses fanart!

  • Jiyu

    I’m kinda bugged that Zelda gets a shaped boob window, when the joke is clearly that she stripped Link and stole his clothes. Plus being way more of a dress than a tunic.

  • Lee Hulme

    Hahahahahahaha. Love.

  • AnnaB

    Those Power Puff Girls are awesome.

  • locuas

    link is into some weeeeeitd stuff, it seems

  • Alex Krumwiede

    Well, there is a possible explanation for the boob-window (albeit not a great one..) where the tunic is slim-cut for his frame, but her chest stretches it wide around that spot, pulled back together by the tie at the throat. It does require him to be exceptionally skinny in the chest, though. The hem length could be likewise him being taller shoulder-to-hip than she is. Both are hard to justify with the Link visible in the background, but it’s a possibility.

  • locuas

    Zelda: Considering he was cursed into having to ressurect again and again for all enternity to save your ass, you may want to be a little more getnle, princess.

    Dora: my new headcanon. she is Sam and Lara’s adopted child!(what do you mean “Sam and Lara are not a couple”?

    Powerpuff girls: okay, i a going to give them that one.

    Cats: i don’t even know who these are…

    Ranma:looks more like ranma *puts sunglasses on* two-for-one (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH)

    Lion King: still not as fucked up as Kimba ended being…

    Angry Birds: 4 birds and that pig is still there? someone sucks at this game…

    The Simpsons: They are going to forget this “Future episode” next week

    SMurfs: Someone gave them a copy of the movie and now the are going out for revenge.

    Little Mermaid: the fish from finding nemo is still scarier.

    Bomberman:i am not going to touch that one.

    Ulyses: 1) i never watched it 2) this looks more like a star wars crossover than a twisted version.

  • Anonymous

    For some with the idea of “twisted and nightmare inducing” the ranma one is pretty transphobic

  • Betty Anne

    Thanks. That was the only one I really made the :/ face to.

  • Samuel

    I think Ulysses is supposed to be Mass Effect.

  • Betty Anne

    “Cats: i don’t even know who these are…”

    Whippersnapper! Get off my lawn! *Shakes fist in mock indignation*

  • Octochan

    I would watch this Dora the Explorer.

  • Anonymous

    Mojo, come play with us. Come play with us.

  • Anonymous

    Damn kid, stop stealing my lines!

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s Ulysses 31. A French anime.

  • locuas

    they have light sabers

  • MeatyStakes

    Is it really? The image is clearly focusing more on a cross-dressing interpretation, that is an entire issue than trans altogether.

    Although I agree that Ranma completely warrants a trans reading, I really don’t see this image and its interpretation being about that, and not incidentally as well to warrant the adjective “transphobic” above all.

  • Samuel

    I know that, I’m referencing that it’s also mixed with Mass Effect for the image. Ala:

  • Samuel

    Yeah, but it’s clearly inspired by both the armor and pose in this image:
    Everyone in the picture is wearing armor/posed like someone from Mass Effect

  • Anonymous

    The problem is mixing cross-dressing (Which belongs to the Trans* umbrella) as “twisted and nightmare inducing”

  • MeatyStakes

    That (*) after trans is another set of issues altogether, umbrellas are for the rain and for Rihanna to dance with.

    And the “twisted and nightmare inducing” bit is the title the Mary Sue gave it (which is admittedly better than the Kotaku one “monsters)

    Doing a cursory search, I just found that the artist just gave the series the subtitle “BADASS”

    I think that the artist is not to blame for context they did not provide.

    Now, if you look at the description the artist gave to the piece, feel free to make your opinion based on that

  • Anonymous

    I would watch the hell out of that Ulysse 31 version. Maybe teenage Simpsons too. Yeah, definitely teenage Simpsons.

  • Mark Brown

    That’s not just “monster” Ariel, that’s Ripjaws Ariel.

    She’s gotten her hands on the Omnitrix!

  • Anonymous

    I gave some serious sideeye to that one, too. Hmm. The description to the art image by the artist also makes me sideeye and grimace.

  • Sanjay Merchant

    So, why is Zelda stealing Link’s clothes and hero shtick on the same level of nightmarish as bloodstained Powerpuff Girls, Dora the Guerilla Warrior,or an army of Smurfs on the march?

  • Jiyu

    I can sorta buy the hem length, but the chest area is obviously not stretched. Those lines are clearly intentionally shaped to surround her breasts, then create a collar to hold it together.
    I’d rather see Zelda directly in Link’s clothes. They’d be baggy and the belt would be cinched in a bit more, and the hose would bag and droop at the knees. I think it’d be funny.

  • Anonymous

    Cause it’s more badass.

  • JustPlainSomething

    See, I was expecting all of them to be like the Little Mermaid one and like the title says, be terrifying. And the first one I see is the Link/Zelda picture and all I can think is “… Okay, besides MRAs, who is actually afraid of this?” Maybe the post title is just misleading.

  • Jiyu

    This also. The majority of these are just re-interps, rather than truly twisted.

  • Jiyu

    I find the artist’s description also problematic. Particularly in referring to Lana Wachowski as “Larry” and making a gender-confusion joke to the same.

  • Anonymous
  • Samuel
  • MeatyStakes

    Oh yeah.

  • rose maryawn

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  • Gary Keyes

    Dora and Ulysses 31 are my favorites. The Power Puff Girls are really creepy, though.

  • SwiperTheFox

    Many of these actually look cool and nothing like being ‘scary’!

    Like that Dora one especially, ha!

  • Kaxia

    The Lion King one (Simba in particular) reminds me of something Atlus might do, like the concept art for a new Persona.