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Science Beats James Cameron: Titanic’s Death Scene Officially Mythbusted

Annoyed movie-goers (and director James Cameron) have argued this one for years but we can finally put it to rest. The Mythbusters crew (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) tried to figure out if Titanic’s Rose and Jack could both have survived. Cameron may think he had the last word but I think that’s best left to this guy.

(via MTV)

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  • gia manry

    Clearly they need to do it over again…

    In costume.


  • Anonymous

    I’m not exactly a fan of the film, but knowing that Jack’s death was meaningless adds a darkly comic twist that makes me see it in a new light. I think I prefer it that way…

  • Anonymous

    I love that Cameron was on the show for this and I love that the Mythbusters tackle these kinds of questions.. Cameron is right though, the idea was that Jack was going to die. If you really need a reason then just tell yourself that the door was less buoyant because some woodworker cut corners.

  • Heather

    I feel like the hypothermia testing ruled them both dead. At the point of her rescue, they said Rose would have been so cold as to not be able to properly move (only surviving because she didn’t have to keep herself afloat and so didn’t drown), yet she hauled herself off her door, swam over to that guy in the lifejacket, took his whistle, and managed to use it. It didn’t sound like she’d have that kind of control over her limbs. =/

  • Anonymous

    I like you. Yup.

  • Debi

    Oops! MythBusters got it wrong. As scientifically brilliant as Jamie and Adam are, they made a fundamental mistake when “proving” that ‘Jack’ from “Titanic” could have lived, too. Where they were mistaken, (and I can’t believe they didn’t check this) was in the mis-calculation of ‘Rose’s’ weight. Even with the life-jacket-under-the-floating-wood-panel option shown on the progam; the panel still would not have held ‘Jack’ and ‘Rose’. This time, the science boys got it wrong. ‘Rose’, wet, would simply have weighed too much.
    Even a tiny, sopping wet woman, in 1912, would have weighed at least as much as the average man. Before screams of outrage errupt at that statement, let me explain. Underpinings. The guys didn’t take into consideration that a female of ‘Rose’s class’ would most likely have been wearing; bloomers, a camisole, a corset (with either whale bone or steel stays) stockings (probably silk), and at least one, but probably two, petticoats. Additionally her dress (made for wear in the evening) would have been made from heavy sumptuous fabric, almost certainly with a lining. Therefore, ‘Rose’ would have weighted a lot fully dressed, dry, even more soaking wet. Mr. Cameron, you sir, were correct!

  • Melanie

    Yeah, but they are both in the water; hypothermia.

  • Melanie

    In freezing water ;)

  • Anonymous

    Heh!! You and me both.

  • Kate Holloway

    All of which could have been removed.