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Start ‘Em Young: Tiny Ballerinas Fight Onstage During Their Recital [Video]

Okay, we at The Mary Sue don’t condone fighting, especially babies fighting, but since this doesn’t end in bloodshed or death, we feel like we’re allowed to laugh at this onstage tussle between two toddler ballerinas during their recital. Seriously, that little one is ready to start throwing ‘bows, and it’s kind of hilarious.

Let this be a lesson to everyone: If you’re going to get in a fight this Memorial Day, and you’ve been drinking, put on a tutu and take a video for YouTube. But only if you’re a baby. (The Mary Sue does not condone baby consumption of alcohol. This has been a joke.)

(via The Daily What)


  • Anonymous

    A hit! A palpable blow!

  • Julie Gomoll

    Push me harder, Tiny Dancer…

  • Lindsay Cross

    The audience cheering as children break into violence… I’m just saying, isn’t this how The Hunger Games started?

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    When I was five or so, my big brother was making faces from the back of the audience during a ballet recital. Mom found out when I stuck my tongue out at him. 

  • Julie Bestry, CPO®

    The toddlers may not have been imbibing, but the camera operator sure was!

  • Anonymous

    Because as long as it’s children doing the violence, bullying and sexual assault… it’s ADORABLE!

  • Katharine Tapley

    My favorite part of this was the girl behind them who was all “Just keep dancing. Maybe they’ll stop. Sighhh…this is so unprofessional.”