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Sif and Jane Get Thor: The Dark World Clips Of Their Very Own [VIDEO]

Oh, and Thor’s there too. But Sif! Stabbing things! And Jane! Slapping things! And Darcy! Holding things! Being there! Having a line!

Second clip is under the jump.

Previously in Thor: The Dark World

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  • Cain S. Latrani

    Sif & Jane…

    I really want that to be a movie all by itself now.

  • Lisa Liscoumb

    Can I have more Sif and less Jane? Please? She always struck me as sort of whiny, and even moreso in this clip.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    At first all I saw was “Sif and Jane get Thor” and dreaded clicking through because I feared this was an article about the inevitable Porn Parody and a lesbian scene between Sif and Jane ruined by Rocco Sefreidi in a bad wig offering them his “hammer”.

    I need to shower now.

    For a week.


  • Jessica

    My first thoughts on seeing the extended 2nd clip of Jane was “OK, I’m going to be rolling my eyes a lot with this movie at least we have Loki who will put the ridiculous into perspective.”

  • Cy

    I think Darcy is going to end up being my favorite character again. I like smart and funny brunettes.

  • Jessica

    I’ve been reading some Loki/Darcy FanFic while I wait for this movie to be finally released already one of which really impressed me in how they were able to weave her into The Avengers movie and actually helped the plot move along.

    If the rumors are true about Jane I wouldn’t mind if that meant a bigger part for Darcy in the next Thor movie. We still need a mortal in there to put things in perspective for the rest of us. Thor/Sif would bore me greatly.

  • Anonymous

    SLAP “Where were you?”

    “Sorry, I had to save the world!”

    “Well, okay… I forgive you… this time!” ;-)

  • Marie

    Haha, women are so needy! Hilarious…

    how many people does Jane slap in this movie? Because now I like to think she just goes around slapping people the whole time.

  • Cy

    “Jane, this is my father Odin.”

  • Cy

    The banter between Loki and Darcy would be hilarious. Right up there with Spider-man teaching Loki the finer points of a New York hot dog. *Amazing Spider-man 504, True Believers

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    That would just make the movie that much better.

  • Anonymous

    That bad fantasy was…oddly detailed.

  • Cati V.


  • ginmar

    You must share this fanfic.

  • ginmar

    To be fair, I kind of think Odin earned a slap or two.

    The whole slapping thing is weird. How many people DOES she slap? And if she saw the Avengers, well, that should have been enough.

  • Jessica

    In the Service of Liars and Killers, the 1st parts are The Avengers with Darcy in it the rest is the slow redemption of Loki its not to sappy it really tries to get in Loki’s head. One warning though the grammar if that kind of thing bothers you skip it. It really could have used a beta it has a lot of simple mistakes. But I just roll with it, its free so why make a big deal of it.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    I do Queer porn modelling and writing, I’ve had to watch enough of these parodies to know two things; The costumes are often better than the actual studio movies, and the performances are utterly soul destroying. For the viewer.

  • Penny Dreadful

    NO HITTING, JANE. I think Loki kind of liked being slapped (not really an excuse, though), but slapping your boyfriend is definitely not cool. Imagine it in reverse.

  • spoon

    why is natalie portman even in this movie? She’s done everything to get out of her contract. And from her bland performance in previous -Thor movie no one would miss her.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to understand why Portman wanted out of her contract. Bland typical whiny girlfriend writing much? Ugh. Give her something to do other than be the Damsel PLEASE. At least in the last one she was all sciencey, and made bad choices (but they were choices!)