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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Ladies of Star Trek

We already love Dylan Meconis (creator of Family Man), so there’s really nothing more to say about her depiction of all the major ladies of the first two Star Trek shows except that it’s great. (via Tor)

  • If you found a moldy tampon, would you want its manufacturer to tell you that the discoloration you see is actually completely normal tampon mold for their product, just like you would find on bread or vegetables? If not, don’t buy Kotex, I guess. (The Frisky)
  • Amy Tennery has a take on Lena Dunham’s Girls and how it’s not actually the rise of the female “slacker” in popular media. (The Jane Dough)

Cartoon Network reveals the first promo pic for Beware the Batman. I’m not sure how I feel about a computer-animated Batman series or one where Alfred totes guns, but I’m also not sure if anything less than more Batman: The Animated Series would get me excited, so I may not be the best judge. (Spinoff)

Buzz Lightyear put in an appearance at the National Air and Space museum today, presumably to check out the Apollo 11 module with Woody, who should, by degrees of Kevin Bacon logic, know a thing or two about the Apollo missions.

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  • Anonymous

    Moldy tampons = new nightmare.

  • Curtis Owings

    He left out Dax and 7 of  9 and T’Pol…

  • Abby Hernandez

    This is going to make me want to check my tampons every month. :P

    But I trust that the mold doesn’t actually do any harm, as Kotex says. 

  • Totz_the_Plaid

     The first two Star Trek shows are Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
    Dax, 7 of 9, T’Pol, etc. are from the OTHER series…

    Though, she DID actually leave out a few key females:

    Ilia (if the films count)

    Saavik (if the films count)

    M’Ress (since TECHNICALLY the animated series is the second Star Trek series, it’s not always counted, though, so she can be forgiven for skipping/forgetting her)

    Keiko O’Brien (technically more of a DS9 character, but she originated on TNG and if Ro counts, surely she does)

    Guinan (TNG)

    and arguably…

    Lwaxana Troi (easily skippable if you want to only count crew members, but still a major recurring character on TNG)

  • Anonymous

    Guinan was the biggest omission.

  • Maiasaura

    Beverly Crusher is my favorite.  Well, and Data, but he’s not a lady.

  • K. Johnston

    Insert obligatory plug for the Diva Cup here.

  • JoAnna Luffman

    Except you can’t use them with IUDs. 

  • Adam Whitley

    A gun toting Alfred? wtf?