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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The First Poster for Game of Thrones Season 3

That’s just what you wanted, right GoT fans? (Bleeding Cool)

Our first picture from the Doctor Who Christmas special features a very grumpy Matt Smith. (Blastr)

What if everybody from The Dark Knight Rises got together for schwarma at the end? It would be really awkward, that’s what. (DeviantArt)

I just hope this isn’t the back of a bathroom door. (HyperVocal)

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  • Jennifer Dougherty

    “Here are the problems, as I can ascertain them, with the Death Star’s garbage-disposal system:
    1. Ignoring the question of how Princess Leia could possibly know
    where the trash compactor is, or that the vent she blasts open leads to a
    good hiding place for the rescue crew…”

    Duh. She studied the plans on the way to Tatooine.

  • Ashly

    I’ve also seen that shirt on sale at a local Rue 21. It was featured in their window display, for crying out loud. Gross.

  • Anonymous

    And why is it assumed that the dianoga was intentionally put in there? It’s a garbage parasite, it pops up where trash is, not because it was there to digest organic trash.
    And just because Star Destroyers, which are more mobile than the Death Star, ejects trash, it does not necessarily follow that Death Star does, hence the need for compaction.
    I also did not notice any slow down when the walls were braced.
    The rest is spot on though.

  • Mark Brown

    I like to think that the dianoga, like the proverbial sewer alligator, is the result of someone flushing a pet that got too large for its tank.

    Possibly just before a “surprise” barracks inspection, involving much panicked hijinks.