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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: The Daily Goings-On At S.H.I.E.L.D.

Also, Mr. Fury would like everyone to know that the bagels in the conference room are for the Justice League. More memos from Fury at … Memos From Fury.

When Harry Potter met Ash — Today only at Tee Fury, you can get this as a t-shirt for $10. (via Fashionably Geek)

  • Here’s a thing that desperately needs to be transcribed: An EW InsideTV podcast interview with Robert Kirkman and Steven Yeun that discusses a connection between AMC‘s The Walking Dead and Rick Moranis. Rick Moranis, you guys. What is the meaning of this???
  • Hmmm, someone in this Tor piece about Doctor Who cosplay at New York Comic Con looks mighty familiar. Someone playing a female version of the 8th Doctor … Yes, indeed: That red-haired, green-cloaked Lady Eighth is our very own Jill Pantozzi!

    Here are 12 vampires. Can you identify all of them? (via Blastr)

  • Gen-Xers (and others), get ready to 1995 all over yourself: Garbage is streaming their latest plus B-sides on Facebook!
  • We don’t have anything to add to Sara Lima’s article on why Batman would make a terrible boyfriend, other than one of the other things that can happen to you if the Caped Crusader falls in love with you is that he will manipulate you into becoming a vigilante in order to keep you from becoming romantically involved with him and then let you rot in jail on false charges of murdering his ex-girlfriend, who he purposefully alienated months earlier because he realized that was falling in love with her. (via Comic Vine)

    The Fighting Falcons are a junior league hockey team in Port Huron, Michigan. They are also nerds. Glorious, wonderful nerds who had these Star Wars jerseys made up for the whole team. Because, get it? Fighting Millennium Falcons? Best hockey team ever. (via Sportsgrid)

    Behold: The first-ever Tweet sent by First Lady Michelle Obama, through the White House’s Joining Forces account! (via The Hollywood Reporter)

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    • John Wao

      The Star Wars Hockey league:

      The Alderaan NerfHerders
      The Hoth Wild Wampas
      The Tatooine Ragin’ Rancors
      The Endor Fightin’ Ewoks
      The Kamino Crazy Clones
      The Tusken Raiders (Owned by Al the Hutt)

    • JoAnna Luffman


      Uh, congrats to the first lady on learning to tweet? How is that even news?

    • TKS

      How is the vampire poster news?  None of the things mentioned here are news.  They’re random things they noticed and decided to mention.  

    • Abel Undercity

      I note with approval that Blade seems to be inching closer to Edward, with apparent ill intent.

    • Frodo Baggins

      “a connection betweenAMC‘s The Walking Dead”

      Honey I Reanimated the Kids?

    • MarianH

      Jill Pantozzi looks awesome. I want to be her when I grow up.

      …too bad I’m 38.

    • Carmen Sandiego

      I can’t believe I missed out on that Ash/Potter Broomstick shirt!

    • Maiasaura

      These are fun!  I really like how The Count from Sesame Street is “the mathematician.” :P

    • Life Lessons

      I really wanna be Meghara. :)