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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: If Game of Thrones Was Cats

I don’t really have anything more to ad. (GQ)

Mike Maihack (of the adorable Supergirl/Batgirl cartoons) has a new book coming out about a time-lost teenage Cleopatra in space. YES. (Operation Space Cat Is Go)

This is a tiny Millennium Falcon made entirely from paper. We’re as mystified as you are. (Nerd Approved)

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  • Anonymous

    Maihack’s ‘Cleopatra in Space’ was a wonderful webcomic until he abruptly vanished last October to work on a graphic novel project for a publisher. Which, evidently… was Cleopatra in Space. Yay!

    Nice to see that we’re getting Cleo’s origin story and some prequel tales, even if that does apparently mean an end to the webcomic.

  • Ashe P. Samuels


    Being half-black and half-white, that letter and Leonard Nimoy’s response really cut deep into me.

    I was born in 1990, and there is still plenty of this bullshit going around. Is it as prominent, or as threatening? No, and I’m damn thankful I wasn’t shat out in the sixties. Nonetheless, I’ve had my fair share of isolating, vitriolic bullshit aimed at me for being too black, or too white, or not black enough, or not white enough.

    I’m so glad this little girl got such a beautiful reply, because it’s the truth unfiltered: if people are disliking, even hating you, for the wrong reasons, then fuck them. It’s not always easy, hell, it RARELY is easy, but it’s worth staying true to yourself in the long run. That’s how you find the right people, or the right people find you.

    I love using Star Trek as an example for positive media representation: there are morons who constantly underestimate the power of stories to inspire and connect with people, and Star Trek always gives me a quick and breezy answer to leave their ‘it’s just a TV show’ and ‘what’s the big deal’s in the dust.

    Four for you, Spock. We love you, Spock!

  • Anonymous

    HA! The Joffrey cat killed me!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, that article hit me pretty hard too, for reasons other than race … wish I’d had it to read and re-read when I was a teenager TBH!

  • Magic Xylophone

    What a piece of junk! Kidding, that’s an awesome little sculpture.

  • Lisa Still Smouldering

    The Rick Grimes article is fantastic, but the link posted is broken-it should be