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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Historically Accurate Disney’s Maid Marian

Claire Hummel has a long running art series where she redesigns Disney princess outfits to be more accurate to the time period most referenced in the design of their movies. This was her Disney’s-Robin-Hood-themed April Fools joke. If you’d like to see her equally hilarious commentary on her redesign, you can do so here. (Tumblr)

Pacific Rim is getting a graphic novel prequel a couple months before it hits theaters. (Comics Alliance)

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  • Anonymous

    Her revisitation and redo of her Pocahontas design and her artists statement are fantastic fucking examples of how someone who’s made a mistake in how they portray culture and race SHOULD react: maturely. I really have to give her a hand and I like her that much more:

    “Finally updated Pocahontas! I don’t think this is what people were expecting as the next entry in the series, but some of the criticisms of my first design have been eating away at me for years now and I needed to get off my ass and address them.
    So hey! Spunky age-appropriate Pocahontas/Matoaka, sans feathers in the hair/European imagery/other superfluous details. This is closer to accounts and illustrations of Powhatan dress from the period, and I kinda think it’s closer to the Disney design anyway. WIN/WIN.

    Thanks to everyone who’s educated my ass over the past couple of years, including moniquill, apihtawikosisan, this-is-not-native, and numerous others. You’ve made me a way more thoughtful artist in the process.


    Everyone wins.

  • Sarah

    It makes me so happy when awesome people are awesome!

  • Ashe P. Samuels

    Hear hear HEAR. This is how you take critique, people.

  • Jed Alexander

    Thanks so much for posting my article about the Mary Sue trope!