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Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Catwoman #0 Gets a New Cover

After the intense backlash against the bundle of limbs presented in the solicit for Catwoman #0 in June, I’m only a tiny bit surprised that DC had the cover redrawn by another artist (Adriana Melo) before print. Her torso still kinda snaps in half at the ribcage, but she has a neck, and I can clearly see how all her limbs are attached to her body. The fact that Selina has also remembered how zippers work is icing. (Bleeding Cool)

Christian Bale flew the family of four-year old leukemia Jayden Barber out to LA for lunch at Disney Land, so he could meet Batman. The tissues are right over there. (The Hollywood Reporter)

This is a remote controlled, Barbie-sized power loader. (Neatorama)

If you turn this set photo from The Wolverine upside down and twist your head around, does that look like the logo for The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? And does that mean we’re getting the JGSfHL in The Wolverine?

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  • Adam R. Charpentier

    Whenever I see leather pants that tight, that jammed into every crevice and wrinkle of skin, ESPECIALLY when the wearer is squatting, I think…wow, those things are going to smell like ass forever. Permanently. I don’t care how much you wash them.

    The power loader is excellent, though.

  • Kathryn

    That Catwoman cover is better in the same way that being kicked in the shin is better than being stabbed in the foot.

  • Anonymous

    The cover is still overly sexualized but a victory is a victory, no matter how small it is.

  • Laura Truxillo

    Honestly, the original cover was dynamic, just in-your-face over-sexualzed. Probably could’ve been fixed by making the bum smaller, like it was…I dunno, foreshortened or something crazy like that. Nice that DC made an effort here, though. And hey–they zipped it up!

    That Barbie looks so incredibly happy in her power loader!

  • Alexis the Unicorn

    At least she doesn’t show cleavage now. A small win is better than no change at all.

  • John Wao

    Gee I hope playing video games didn’t contribute to Will Arnett’s break up with Amy.

  • Leah Starkweather

    Honestly, I liked the first version, if only because the overall shape of the drawing is a circle and the composition just flows better…if they were to zip up the first Catwoman image it would have sufficed.
    The redrawn one just doesn’t look as dynamic or flowing. Most of these poses ARE possible in real life, it’s just that the angle is an extremely distorted and stylized one.
    Though there’s nothing wrong with cleavage per se. Catwoman has always had sex appeal as a part of her so a certain amount of that does fit with her character…at least she doesn’t have heels in either picture. Heels in combat bother me way more than excessive cleavage.

  • Brenda

    Black Widow shows a bunch of cleavage in the Avengers movie and it didn’t upset anyone. I don’t know why people get so upset over Catwoman of all characters when she’s inherently a sexy character. Surely, there are worse offenders.

  • Brenda

    Because cleavage is evil? Might as well get mad at all the women who show cleavage and every cosplayer willing to dress up as sexualized characters?

  • Robert Vary

    The original cover’s problem wasn’t so much the amount of cleavage shown, but more that it showed off her ass and chest at the expense of, well, the entire rest of her torso, bending her spine in half in order to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Blehhh I get that they’re trying but the new Catwoman cover doesn’t look any better… that pose is still ick.

  • jenna mcna

    There’s a difference between showing a character as sexual, and drawing them as a spineless mess of tits and ass

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind sexy at all but it has to be tasteful. It didn’t look like the cover of a superhero comic, it look like the cover of a pin-up magazine.

  • Anonymous

    At least they made her thinner. The other one was pretty chunky.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not about sex appeal. It’s about the way it’s being presented. It’s about the fact that her major selling point is, quite literally, her tits and her ass in that original photo. Also, the redraw is significantly more dynamic than the original.

    Why, You Ask?

    Because you can see more of her body, which provides more lines of actions and gives a much more clear definition of where the energy is going. Even the redraw of the whip and it’s placement help provide a much more clear silhouette. There’s quite literally nothing better about the original than the revamp.

  • AnnaB

    Well, now she has a torso to break…. but whatever. At least her body is recognizable. It still sucks, but in a slightly more anatomically correct way.

  • Anonymous

    At least those cosplayers are not reduced to oddly formed blobs that only have cleavage and an ass.

  • Mandy

    I actually don’t remember Black Widow showing that much cleavage in the movie. In her intro fight maybe but once she gets into her SHEILD getup her zipper stays well above nipple line (unlike in comics where it sometimes falls down to her navel)

  • Thalia Sutton

    I’m amazed that they changed the cover, but glad of it. Thanks for the update!

    Still, I think this new cover is ludicrous too; if anything, I look at her ass more now. (Though I am glad it is much more realistically drawn) Still, I am left thinking: Do they think that just because they had a woman draw it, women will be less offended? Before I could just laugh at how horrible it was; now, I bristle at the fact that catwoman, quite readily, looks like she’s crawling towards you on her knees. That’s women’s empowerment!…Um, Not.

    I think the first cover would have been fine if they had just erased the back half of the figure and left it as torso-and-up only, coming out of the circle. That would be a respectable action comic image/message.