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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: Cardboard David Tennant Has Some Explaining To Do

Cardboard David Tennant has been getting up to some hijinks while we weren’t looking. (Tumblr)

We’re digging the look in the eye of this Sideshow Collectibles Harley Quinn. (iGeektrooper)

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  • Elwyne

    Cardboard David Tennant doesn’t look very happy.

    That Hurley piece is fascinating, as is the Shattersnipe piece she links to. As a writer I always enjoy learning what I don’t know I don’t know. :)

  • Anonymous

    He’s so SAD!

  • Andrew Paul Ross Semkow

    Mr.Garfield if that’s you, you’re an honor to the name Andrew

  • Anonymous

    I think the hammer is decidedly on VS’s side, based on the comments at Jezebel, and I’m inclined to agree. Why are we demanding that VS, a company that churns out high-priced, disposable, non-seriously constructed bras, to manufacturer a much more complicated, structurally designed bra that also requires more precise measurement and employee training?

    VS clearly looked at the issue and found that they wouldn’t be able to do it well. I can’t hold that against them. Women with mastectomies aren’t looking for crappily made mastectomy bras that look cute. They’re looking for good mastectomy bras that also look cute. Are we upset that they’re not churning out mediocre/terrible bras for mastectomy patients?

    Instead of petitioning that the traders in unskillful decorative items make complex prosthetics. why don’t we petition that mastectomy bra manufacturers look at the market for more fashionable mastectomy bras?

    Those people are experts. They know exactly how to construct the prosthetics and bras correctly, and therefore know what fashionable design features would or would not affect the function. Asking VS to create designer mastectomy bras is like asking a paint company to design a car, rather than asking a car designer to consider cars in different colors. And asking them to look at it would probably result in a better outcome, since it would increase demand, lock a niche innovation, and improve profits.

  • Anonymous

    He’s sorry. So, so, sorry.