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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Things We Saw Today

Things We Saw Today: An Upworthy Translator

Programmer Snipe created a Chrome addon that translates Upworthy-style titles into more realistic language, and she’s shared it with the internet. (Geekosystem)

This Kickstarter run by three dudes and four ladies is looking to start a company that produces incredibly detailed, versatile custom 3D printed gaming miniatures for your tabletop characters. If you have ever spent hours combing Reaper Minis trying to find a statue that even remotely resembles your not even that weird PC, you will embrace this with open arms.

When I saw our sister site Styelite had a list of the 5 worst vibrators ever, I thought to myself, “Okay, but like, by whose standards?” Then I read the post and realized that it is full of objective fact. (Styleite)

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  • John W

    I did not know about the Reaper site. Now I know what I’ll be doing over the weekend since there’s no football.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet mother hubbard those ARE the worst vibrators ever. Who even thought that a scorpion vibrator was a good idea?

  • Anonymous

    I flat-out do not click anything with a title like that, out of spite.

  • Anonymous

    This Programmer Created A Mindblowing Translation Program For Upworthy Headlines. The Results Will Shock You.

  • Vian Lawson

    “… and that’s when I shot him, Your Honour … “

  • Anonymous

    Trying to cash in on the massive Mummy Returns fandom?

  • locuas

    In other words: The Vyce President gets shit done while the president only smiles.

  • Brittany K

    I was so confused as to why there was a random scorpion at the bottom of the post because my brain refused to believe that there could possibly be a scorpion vibrator… But there is. Yikes D:

  • Diaspora

    “No, first I shot him, and when he rose back up, THAT’S when I beheaded him.”